Our next court is July 11, 2017 in Lake Havasu City Arizona Superior Court in front of Judge Camacho. Please all who can be there to support us to be reunited.

Arizona in Lake Havasu City I have had my children illegally stolen from me by my biological mother and DCS or child welfare for lies.

Our story starts in Oregon when I was reprimanded for standing up against Salem-Keizer Public schools for allowing my child to be bullied for his nonconforming gender identity. My child had been physically assualted many times, named the "faggot," had personal belongings stolen and defaced, punished by staff for anything, and had a knife pulled on him following a death threat while attending Valley Inquiry Charter elementary school.

I was falsely reported to child welfare as having unmet mental health needs, addiction issues to meth and/or cooking it, and being a prostitute.

None of which are true about me.

I sent my children to be with my mother because I thought that she would be safe for them. I was wrong. My mother has lied to keep my children from me. She is now brainwashing them against me. All for a paycheck? Here is my personal story I want to share with the world in the hopes that no more children be falsely removed to profit another. It is hurting all of our children and the our citizens of our country. I think this should be rated as a crime against humanity.

My Family

June 17, 2017

Krystle Miller

P.O. Box 7879

Salem, OR 97303

To my audience,

I, Krystle Miller, am writing this to share my story in the hopes that I'll be able to have my family back, and prevent this horrifically traumatizing event from happening to other families. Please bare with me, I can be jumbled sometimes, and go off on tangents.

Trauma doesn't effect just one area in your life, but life in its entirety.

I'm going to tell my story from April 12th, 2017 forward chronologically, and add in back story as I go. Hopefully that won't be confusing.

For the record, I am mom and 33 years old, Chantz is 11, and Grace is 4. My children were temporarily residing with my biological mother Rhonda Miller-Vasquez in Lake Havasu City Arizona due to extenuating circumstances in Oregon that resulted in a criminal trial and a no contact order.

The Oregon criminal trial was dismissed on January 09th, 2016.

I had neglect charges founded against me in October 2016 as a result of the being charged criminally, and that was over turned February 27th, 2017.

My story with Arizona Department for Child Safety begins here, April 12th, 2017. I received a call from an unknown number during late evening around 7pm. Shortly after I received a text message from Lake Havasu City Arizona Child Welfare Investigator.

Linda VanKirk was the investigators name. This lady was rude, demeaning, seemed to already have a preformed biased against me, and never did I feel that she wanted to understand me. To say it politely, we did not mesh very well. That conversation ended with Arizona taking temporary custody of my children under false allegations, no option for remedy, and my ex husband (extremely abusive and not allowed around my son) was residing at the residence.

I packed my belongings and traveled to Lake Havasu City (LHC). When I arrived I went to the DCS office to discuss this matter with them, they seemed to not care for my presence by not acknowledging me, making me wait for nothing, and acted as though they couldn't understand why I'm there or upset. I got an appointment with Tracy a supervisor for later that day.

Tracy did not want to hear me and complained for me to only discuss my thoughts with Linda. I explained that Linda seemed to have a preformed bias but I was dismissed. I brought a duffle bag full of documents to prove my innocence. Tracy said, “that's a lot, I am not going to read all of that.” Nothing I brought or said was important for their determination or worthy to be looked at.

I left that day very sad, confused, and angry. My first appearance was scheduled for that following Tuesday. I went to my appearance and the only thing my attorney did was file a jurisdiction contestment papers. None of the allegations, wrong information, no investigation, and falsified docs were ever spoken about or ALL the corrections discussed.

During my three week visit to LHC, I was allowed one two hour visit. After I returned to Oregon I have only gotten four thirty minute phone visits with my daughter. The agency refuses to let me talk to my son and now my daughter. Both children have been brainwashed with lies about me. My children are now being forced to lie about me. The supervisor for the visits writes up exaggerations, and plain out lies.

My case has failed to meet the federal laws and mandates in many areas.

I never got an dependency hearing within the 24 hrs. since removel.

Linda had both fathers names written incorrectly.

Linda stated that the court documents she wrote up truth and known facts but how? On what grounds? With what evidence that did not come from Rhonda or Ruslan mouth?

Did they call any providers?

How come they didn't take custody of chantz from me?

They took custody away from Ruslan who did not have custody.

They placed a no contact order on me a nonviolent parent but allowed Ruslan a man who they deemed to have an alcohol problem, aggression issue, and chantz explained how he was afraid of his dad.

Ruslan chased me down, threatened me, then made a false report to the LHC Sheriff department.

Defaced my character and named.

Falsified temporary custody order stating hand delivered at residence where I have never lived while I was in another state.

Stated that I did not have a custody or child support order on both children when I did (2008 & 2013)

Said that I didn't visit or have any parental contact.

They proclaim that I have a drug addiction without any history, no drug charges, never been to treatment, no diagnosis, and never gave a dirty UA.

Now they have completely eliminated me from my children's lives by saying that they are refusing visits?

My son supposedly doesn't want to see me because they say that I lied about him and to him.

My daughter keeps asking me why I lied and said people touched her when I have never reported anything of the nature.

My supervised visits are always proclaimed as me being inappropriate.

My daughter was begging to be with me.

The reason I sent my children to AZ because in Oregon Chantz was bullied severely. He was physically assaulted, spit on, feces rubbed on him, sustained a concussion, punished, had activities with held, and had a knife pulled on him. After which, I complained and then I was reported to child welfare.

At the same time, I had a neighbor who in December 2016 decided that she hated me and began to harass me by telling me to kill myself, putting broken glass in my yard, saying things to other neighbors, and calling the police for nothing. She eventually had the manager from Murphy Mannor Larry Young say that I tried to murder him when he walked out in front of my car. Larry was upset with me because i wouldn't have sex with him. So I was criminally charged with recklessly endangering of another person. All of which was dismissed and overturned.

If I had everything dismissed and overturned and was on my way to get my children, how can they say that I abandoned them?

How can they say I refuse to do anything?

I have always supported my children financially and emotionally.

I at a loss as to what to do and how to get through this. My entire world has been destroyed. My soul has been taken and my purpose is lost. I feel like I'm always missing or forgetting something. I can't seem to stay focused or organized. My brain is scrambled because everywhere I look I remember my children that are not with me, my children that I know are not doing very well, the children I birthed and can't help, I can't help to stop to remember them. Their faces, their smiles, their smells, their touch, and their sounds. I miss them dearly.

Aimless is how I would describe my mentality. I say anything that isn't agreement, I am in denial. I agree to them I'm a bad mom and need all these classes that I'm certified to teach. It's a double standard, double edged sword, or a lose/lose paradigm.

Some times I can't breath and my chest hurts so bad I don't know if I'm having a heart attack. I don't wake up anymore excited for what the day will bring. I have no one to show me and remind me how the world is a beautiful place.

My wild mustang and prancing dancer are gone and I'm all alone.

Why did they have to take the only two people who love me away and then expect me to be functional let alone normal?

The only thing I have left is my life.

They have taken my education by ruining my name and character. I have my associates in social work and almost have my undergrad in human

development and family sciences from Oregon State University.

They took my home.

They took my belief in our government and system.

They took my self esteem.

They took my dignity.

Freedom does come with a cost. The cost is our children whether it is for them to be sold, coerced onto the front lines, ripped from their families to end up in the prison system pipeline. We pay on our soil with our babies.

For all those who think this can't or won't happen to them, how long until they come grade your child??


A mother wondering alone