• CBD from Medical Marijuana Offers Safe and Effective Recovery from Strokes

    People who survive strokes are often encumbered with neurological issues that can be very debilitating and without quality of life. The rehabilitation methods for stroke victims under mainstream medical care are long and arduous, often with very little improvement. Now a potential cannabis solution has been discovered with a study published inĀ April of 2017. The cannabis solution does not involve THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) the psychoactive compound. Instead, the chemical solution for neurological damage in the aftermath of cerebral ischemia is CBD or cannabidiol, which is a major cannabinoid among at least 85 cannabinoids found in cannabis.

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  • CBD from Medical Marijuana Offers Safe and Effective Recovery from Strokes

    When i had tens of thousands of articles on biochemistry - and hundreds of books on that and related subjects (90s) one rare book was "Hyperbaric Oxygen: The Uncertain Miracle".

    It was out for about 3 weeks and magically disappeared. In it, there are incidents with strokes - my favorite being an older gentleman in Minnesota who had a severe stroke. Blind in the left eye, paralyzed on his left side. This happened on a Tuesday i think - the next week he went into the (rare operating room sized) HBO chamber at 3 atmospheres of pressure and specific oxygen rates. This bypasses the vascular system and oxygenates the entire body - regardless of damage.

    BY THE STOPWATCH - he was literally DANCING with the nurse in 22 minutes.

    Some guy in San Bruno Calif was taking HBO treatments in a small chamber with his MD and called the doctor up in a panic. His mother had just had a stroke that evening and was paralyzed on her right side. They put her in the HBO chamber as much as possible for 24 hours - at which point she was 95% cured.

    Much quicker and cheaper than cannabinoids, no?

    Oh - in that pile of articles there was a study of over 200 corpses killed by stroke. EVERY ONE OF THEM HAD A COPPER DEFICIENCY!!!!

    Copper makes your blood vessels elastic, so that you can become hypertensive, expand, and then retract when you calm down/reduce blood pressure. Without it - hypertension can rupture the blood vessels - stroke.