• Are the Dangerous Side Effects of Cholesterol-lowering Drugs All in People's Heads?

    The pharmaceutical empire strikes back. After the recent few years of increasing “statin deniers” getting an occasional mainstream media appearance, vested interest parties are coming up with studies to “prove” statins (cholesterol-lowering drugs) are safe. The problem is most folks on the fence, as most are, will be distracted by these studies no matter how biased and without merit they may be. Doctors who know the truth about statins are forced to pick any such statin safety study apart in response in order to straighten out doctors who prescribe statins based on pharmaceutical reps’ presentations and industry biased studies. One such doctor who is outspokenly critical of statin drugs, Scottish General Practitioner (GP) Malcom Kendrick, M.D., recently focused on a Lancet paper that intended to prove side effects from statin drugs were not only greatly exaggerated, but all in the patients' heads. According to the paper, patients were suffering from the “nocebo effect,” due to all the rising information regarding statin side effect symptoms publicly reported. In addition to his analysis of the study and comparisons to other studies, Dr. Kendrick offers his personal and professional experiences of taking patients off statins and watching them recover from torn or ravaged muscles and early onset dementia, among other side effects. Dr. Kendrick’s father, whose side effects had him wheel chair bound until his doctor-son convinced him to quit taking statins is an example he offered. No nocebo effects had them in such terrible shape that was relieved when they got off statins.

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  • Are the Dangerous Side Effects of Cholesterol-lowering Drugs All in People's Heads?

    Good for Malcolm Kendrick - makes me proud to be a Scotsman . Exposing these snake oil salesmen.

    Its purely a marketing exercise for the pharmafia . Why would the body not need cholesterol . The dozen eggs on buttered toast I had for my two breakfasts as a youth (farm work) did me no harm . Now its about 4/5 eggs but with bacon and sausage . 2- 3 pints of organic milk as well and tons of organic butter per day.

    I do eat good food - lots of organic fats, animal and vegetable - NO soya , rapeseed , corn , cottonseed , or margarines .

    I also eat lots of organic vegetables and organic coconut oil . Still studying and fit in retirement - not overweight and no medical problems .