• America’s Vaccine Injured Warriors Deserve More

    There is no greater betrayal by government than to order a citizen to risk injury or death “for the greater good” and then treat that person and their family like dirt once the harm is done. The inhumane treatment of the vaccine injured at the hands of doctors in denial and the refusal of government to compensate the majority of those injured, while blocking lawsuits against drug companies profiting from mandated vaccines, is a national scandal. A recent news report by Action News JAX in Florida investigated reports by two combat marines, who suffered heart inflammation (myopericarditis) and permanent health damage after smallpox vaccinations they were ordered to take. The investigation discovered that the U.S. government is still refusing to compensate soldiers for smallpox vaccine-related health problems, such as heart inflammation, even when those health problems are acknowledged as causally related by the vaccine manufacturer in a black box warning on the package insert and by government health officials. The callous indifference toward once healthy young men and women disabled or killed by smallpox and anthrax vaccinations, which the Department of Defense insists are necessary to combat “bioterrorism,” has been going on since soldiers started heading to the Gulf War in the early 1990s and came home sick and disabled. From pregnant women soldiers given Biothrax anthrax vaccine, whose babies were born with birth defects, to the cover-up of anthrax vaccine related deaths of Army soldiers, to Air Force pilots whose careers ended with crippling anthrax vaccine injuries or court martials for refusing to get the shots, the history of the US military vaccination program is marked by human experimentation and violation of human rights.

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  • America’s Vaccine Injured Warriors Deserve More

    I'm so ANGRY!!! Saunders, et. al., we are WITH YOU!!! We send you our STRENGTH, our HOPE, and our LOVE. Please battle for us.

    It's insanity to be killing off our good people in the military - FORCED to take vaccines that kill and disable. WHY?!?!?

    I tell you it's an OUTRAGE beyond outrage. I have to say, we are with YOU!!!

    You are not the only ones. They've been doing this to civilians as well.

    In the 80's, every time I went to the doctor or hospital, I was asked, "have you had a tetanus shot? Have you had a tetanus shot??" Every time, whether I needed one or not. It was puzzling. At that time, a baffling barrage of symptoms hit me -- thyroid problems, blood pressure soaring, palpitations, sweats, chills, fatigue, depression, fits of rage ... I got better over the years, until ...

    In the late 90's, I took a job as a corrections officer. I was told to take a hep b vaccine or be fired. No problem, but then, almost immediately I felt ill - fluey, achy. My fatigue, depression and rages returned. I became very ill.

    Those of us who are civilians who were affected by these vaccines were labeled mental cases, and our pain was dismissed as emotionally provoked. They finally began calling it fibromyalgia, but the labels and attitudes persisted. It was all in our heads. It was some trauma-based event that caused this baffling syndrome of pain, fatigue, etc. etc. I'm so tired of listing these symptoms - it's just bizarre.

    They call it Gulf War Syndrome for vets, fibro for silly females, chronic fatigue for others, etc. etc. and they STILL don't have a clue.

    It is an epidemic and they still deny, deny, deny.

    And you don't hear about it unless you search and search, We who are sick are stuck in our homes, too full of pain and fatigue to do anything about it. I can't even visit my mom across town anymore. I'm scared to go to the doctor -- every time it's a fight to be heard, a fight to be understood, a fight to be taken seriously, a fight, fight, fight. They treat us horrendously. Their medicines are useless.

    You are the hope for all of us.

    I am broke, sick, and too tired to fight anymore. They took me out of the picture. But I can give you my prayers and my utmost hope that you can get to the bottom of it and help us to heal.

    Thanks for listening.