• Dr. Brownstein: Does Somali Measles Outbreak in Minnesota Prove Need for More Vaccines?

    Somehow, a measles outbreak of unvaccinated Somali citizens in Minnesota is supposed to drive a stake in those of us who raise questions about the safety and efficacy of FDA-approved vaccines.  According to the powers-that-be, this outbreak of measles is proof that we need more vaccinations, not less. I beg to differ.  And, I will make my argument citing the Brady principle. 

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  • Dr. Brownstein: Does Somali Measles Outbreak in Minnesota Prove Need for More Vaccines?

    Check Alaska for the rise in autistic children! The numbers seem to be alarming! There is such a demand for autistic children teachers. No one seems to question why. There are alot

    of military families there. They are forced to give their children shots on their schedule. How can we trust Big Pharma when there is a link with Big Ag?

    They seem to fund each other not to mention Monsanto has their own private school for lawyers, they give out grants to future farmer Ag students then they brain wash these young impressionable college students to grow their GMO crops and farm according to their toxic protocol. Families need to stand up to these tyrants...


  • Dr. Brownstein: Does Somali Measles Outbreak in Minnesota Prove Need for More Vaccines?

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    I attempted to send an email to President Trump, but got the message that I had to confirm the captcha. Problem is, there Was no captcha. So, I don't know if my message got through.

    Hi @Siobhan-Justin, We just updated the link to the correct one: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/

  • Dr. Brownstein: Does Somali Measles Outbreak in Minnesota Prove Need for More Vaccines?

    I did a little research on this. Per the CDC, MN is one of 10 states cited in this 2017 measles outbreak. At the time I looked into this (on about 04/27/17), the CDC reported a total of 61 cases of measles nationally. The information provided on their website is very limited, naming only the 10 states and total number of cases. There is no breakdown of cases per state, nor for age groups or even by children and adults.

    I dug a little deeper. Of the 61 cases, 32 were in MN, most if not all in the 3 metro (Minneapolis & St. Paul) counties, and primarily within the Somali population. My very rough guesstimate of the total population of these counties is well over 1 million. Sixty-one national cases is an outbreak in the CDC's opinion & very newsworthy for the multiple Minnesota news outlets alerting for concern over 32.

    Unfortunately, I did not make a written note of my findings so am not including some details here, namely, the states involved. However, anyone can easily do the same research I did to verify the following info and fill in the missing spaces.

    I went to the Dept of Health website of each of the 10 states to get the breakdown by state of all the 61 measle cases cited by the CDC. I thought this would be an easy task to accomplish in a matter of minutes. But the first couple of state websites had no reports of measles listed. So I searched for local news reports. In the end, of the 10 states listed by the CDC as a part of the 2017 to-date measles outbreak, I could find the numbers for only 4 states and some of them were found on local reports only. There was no information available from either the state's Dept of Health or local news for the remaining 6 states. I did pull up local news reports of measles cases that were several years old for all but 1 of those 6 states so they have reported on measles in the past. There was no shortage of search results returned of the Minnesota-Somali outbreak regardless of which State I did the search on.

    MN was, of course, one of the 4 states reporting the number of measles cases. The other 3 reported no more than 2 cases each. At best, this accounts for 38 of the 61 total cases. My apologies for my utter lack of recall of those 3 states.

    One state from the CDC list stood out to me. Utah posts very detailed reports broken down by county for all communicable diseases. It showed zero cases of measles over the past 12 years.

    I'm not going to make any guesses as to why I couldn't account for all the cases reported by the CDC. I will say that considering the CDC's role for the public interest, it should provide much more information since it considers measles to be a serious disease.

  • Dr. Brownstein: Does Somali Measles Outbreak in Minnesota Prove Need for More Vaccines?

    It will be interesting to watch the medical community try to bury the autism statistics of the unvaccinated Somali boys when they start school.