• Justina Pelletier and Medical Kidnapping 4 Years Later - Has Anything Changed?

    It has been more than 4 years since the most infamous case of medical kidnapping in the United States occurred when the state of Massachusetts, together with Boston Children's Hospital, seized custody of then 14-year-old Justina Pelletier over a medical disagreement. The story exploded across mainstream and international media after her father Lou Pelletier courageously defied an unconstitutional gag order and risked prison to tell his family's story. With heavy hitters in the national media like Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee and Dr. Phil giving them exposure, as well as an army of advocates by their side, it still took 16 months to get their daughter home. Justina, to this day, still suffers physical, mental, and emotional trauma from all that happened to her during her captivity. At the time, most of the public thought this story was an anomaly - an egregious abuse of power by an out-of-control hospital and bureaucracy that was stunning in its tyrannical reach, but still the exception to the rule. Few ever dreamed in their wildest nightmare that this was common, everyday practice all over the United States and other countries. Silence and shame surrounded the families to which this kind of thing happened, and it may well be that the explosion of stories that have come out in the years since then may be attributed to Lou Pelletier's boldness in speaking out, opening the floodgates for others to come out of the shadows and speak up. What have we learned since then? Has anything changed?

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  • Justina Pelletier and Medical Kidnapping 4 Years Later - Has Anything Changed?

    I just came across this story at Daily Wire. https://www.dailywire.com/news/25476/story-martin-...

    The Story Of Martin Gottesfeld: The Hacktivist Who Faces 15 Years In Jail For Trying To Save A Young Girl’s Life The young girl was Justina Pelletier and he hacked the hospital's fundraising system on their main fundraising day in order to stop what was going on.

    I followed the original case because I knew of a similar situation here in Illinois, but I had not heard of the role of this young man in stopping the kidnapping. After reading the Daily Wire story I found your site. Maybe it is time to work together to bring more light to what is going on.