• Arizona CPS Uses Police-State Tactics to Kidnap Safe Children

    Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS), under fire for its skyrocketing rate of child removals in recent years, was just exposed for a new policy which allowed social workers to secretly record interviews with parents or caregivers suspected of crimes using a controversial and questionable technology meant to detect lying. The Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA), which a DCS spokesperson labeled a “new tool,” isn’t really new at all, and appears to have almost zero validity. One independent study found the lie detector was "no better than flipping a coin." The CVSA policy had only been recently implemented late last December. Gregg Woodnick, a Phoenix family law attorney whose practice defends families against DCS charges, unearthed the new policy and after confronting DCS legal counsel, notified local TV station 12 News. Woodnick said DCS was effectively performing polygraphs on people without their consent. After 12 News notified Arizona’s DCS they were doing a story on the secret recordings, an agency spokeswoman, Cynthia Weiss, said the policy was being "rescinded." The covert audio story, which broke March 20, ran a week after Health Impact News/Medical Kidnap interviewed Woodnick to discuss the state of Arizona’s DCS.

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  • Arizona CPS Uses Police-State Tactics to Kidnap Safe Children

    Same goes for Texas. I am in possession of documents that prove San Antonio Police Officer falsified documents and gave her phone number and family as contacts for my grandson instead of providing our family information. She initially was the one who made the claim and illegally video tapped him in 2006 and in 2009 I adopted. She has continued to make fraudulent claims agains us latest in 2016. I dont know here he is at this time but have been getting records from the places that were revealed in court. It is also quite evident that the City of "San Antonio" is making money by placing these children in their facilities to collect as well as collect from the Federal Funds. Our Government needs to realize what the local and state levels are doing to funnel these Federal Funds as the impact is astronomical. These corrupt officials need to be prosecuted because it is literaly endangering Government causing deficits in more areas then is realized. They are and continue to go after/breakup the wrong families because the workers don't have the XXX to confront the real abusers. Unfortunately, our society is so stereotyped in categorizing "homeless, CPS, low income, etc" and you dont stand a chance on having any respect, dignity, because Judges take CPS and Police Officers word at 100% and already form their decision. There is no JUSTICE FOR ALL in the United States.

  • Arizona CPS Uses Police-State Tactics to Kidnap Safe Children

    I wanted to let you know about a We the People petition and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 100,000 signatures within 30 days of its creation, the White House will review it and respond!

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    Dear Distinguished Members of Congress, please investigate and stop the Arizona Department of Child Safety.

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  • Arizona CPS Uses Police-State Tactics to Kidnap Safe Children

    David said:

    Doing away with CPS or what ever they call themselves in other states is not the answer, because child abuse is a problem, BUT the system needs a complete overhaul, CPS has always used the local, state police as their puppets to kidnap our children because they are a civil agency with no arrest powers, no police powers at all. They are not even trained to do an investigation, their so called pitiful training does not train them to do the job. The departments of human and health services will NOT investigate properly any complain as they are all on the same team out to kidnap our children. The local and state police have the department of internal investigation which is separate from the police because even the police know that they cannot police themselves, such a department is desperately needed to weed out these kidnappers, the ones that are only out for the monies, bonuses, and don't follow the laws that are very plain to have the children put with family members, if CPS did that they would not get a dime.

    So correct - child abuse IS a crime, and should never be handled by CPS to begin with, but by trained investigative officers and tried in a criminal court with Due Process, not civil court. If child abuse were handled correctly, CPS could be de-funded and dismantled, since the federal funds and no accountability has created an out-of-control system motivated by making money and using children as commodities. There HAS to be a better way to truly protect abused children and punish the criminals abusing them, instead of the system we now have that in most cases inflicts more abuse, trauma, & terror on children they claim to be protecting. See: http://medicalkidnap.com/2015/01/26/does-the-state...