• Are Untested Combination Vaccines Killing Our Children?

    It appears that the pharmaceutical industry is trying to cram as many vaccines as humanly possible into one syringe and advertise these combination vaccines as safe and effective. In reality, however, a growing number of medical professionals are concerned that administering too many vaccinations to an infant at one time increases their chance of suffering an adverse reaction. This is especially the case for combination vaccinations, and it appears that the fears of medical professionals are justified, because, over the years, history has painted a very disturbing picture.

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  • Are Untested Combination Vaccines Killing Our Children?

    Thank you for this important information Christina!

    I compiled this web page about the Infanrix Hexa vaccine which you refer to in your article: http://www.vaccinationinformationnetwork.com/infan...

    There needs to be a massive awakening to the fact that apart from all the hype and make-believe surrounding vaccination, this bizarre medical practice has nothing to do with disease prevention, but is in fact an integral part of the psychopathic elites' global depopulation agenda disguised as a public health measure.

    Unfortunately, over 200 years of intense brainwashing has succeeded in getting most people to associate vaccination with disease prevention in their minds, detracting their attention from the obvious, namely that this is a nefarious procedure which consist of the injection of toxic chemicals and foreign protein/DNA into children's and adults' organisms. To believe that this actually promotes and results in health protection requires a gigantic leap of faith bordering on the ludicrous. The truth is that this medical fraud and child abuse amounts to a crime against humankind. There is now hardly a family line in the entire world whose bloodstream has not been polluted and whose DNA hasn't been messed with by vaccines. We need to see vaccines clearly for what they are: biochemical weapons, and vaccination as biochemical warfare against civilians, particularly against the most vulnerable: babies, infants and children. This change in perception is essential if we are to make a real change.

    Those who push for safe vaccines are in my opinion misguided and misguiding the public because safe vaccines are for one thing an impossibility (even the US Supreme Court has ruled that vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe") and for another because vaccines will never be made safe, because it would defeat the REAL purpose of vaccination programmes, which is to cause wide-spread harm the treatment of which is a huge source of revenue for the medical-pharmaceutical establishment. Making vaccines safe would also throw a spanner into the works of those who are aiming for a drastic reduction of the world population. Vaccines will consequently never be safe! Keeping one's child or children vaccine-free and boycotting vaccination programmes is in my estimation the only safe and sane option.