• Uprising in Alabama? Public Educates DHR Board Member on Facebook Regarding Child Welfare Horrors

    Last week (February 2017) we published the story of Shanley Devlin of Walker County, Alabama, and how her family was torn apart by the Department of Human Resources (DHR). Shanley was removed from the custody of her parents at the age of 14 after she became pregnant during the April 27, 2011 tornadoes. Her parents were housing many people from the neighborhood during the storms. In spite of the fact that the family wanted to raise the baby in their home, Alabama DHR allegedly charged the parents with “inadequate supervision,” and both their daughter and grandson were placed in foster care. Their daughter Shanley is now 20 years old holding a steady job and has place to live, but because she grew up in foster care, DHR will not allow her son to live with her. When we posted Shanley's story on our Facebook Page, the story quickly went viral with many people in Alabama sharing their own horror stories with DHR in Alabama on our Facebook Page. Someone posting as Margaret Morgan Silbernagel and claiming be "a member of the Esc. Co. DHR Board," apparently decided (or was appointed) to stand up for DHR and asserted: "This story cannot be accurate." But Ms. Silbernagel was apparently not prepared for the firestorm of comments that was about to come her way, as she later admitted: "This conversation has certainly been an eye opener. I do not do what I do for recognition or for any of your approvals." One of comments came from someone identifying herself as "the former mother-in-law" of the DHR social worker Judy Kitchens' daughter. Judy Kitchens is mentioned in our story as the social worker that removed Shanley and her baby from her parents home. Linda Motes Pullins stated that she did not think Judy Kitchens should be a social worker given the problems she alleges exist in Judy's own family, which she alleges includes a history of drug abuse.

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  • Uprising in Alabama? Public Educates DHR Board Member on Facebook Regarding Child Welfare Horrors

    You can write to the various elected officials, here:

    • Alabama Governor Robert Bentley: State Capitol N-104, 600 Dexter Avenue, Montgomery, AL 36130-2751; Fax:(334)353-0004; Phone: (334)242-7100; Email: governorrobertbentley@governor.state.al.us; Web: http://www.governor.state.al.us
    • Representative Mac McCutcheon: 11 South Union Street, Suite 519-A, Montgomery, AL 36130-2950; Phone: 334-242-7668; Email: mac.mccutcheon@speaker.alhouse.gov; Email: c.mac.mccutcheon@gmail.com
    • Representative Connie C. Rowe: 11 South Union Street, Suite 537-E, Montgomery, AL 36130-2950; Phone: 334-242-7595; Email: connie.rowe@alhouse.gov
    • District Attorney Lyn Head: 714 Greensboro Avenue, Tuscaloosa, AL 35401; Phone: (205) 349-1252 ext.424; Email: main@tuscaloosada.com; Email: dacs@tuscco.com; Email: questions@paroles.alabama.gov
    • Senator Greg J. Reed: 11 South Union Street, Suite 726, Montgomery, AL 36130-4600; Phone: 334-242-7894; Email: greg.reed@alsenate.gov
    • Representative Chris England: 11 South Union Street, Suite 539-B, Montgomery, AL 36130-2950; Phone: 334-242-7703; Email: cengland1@hotmail.com
    • Director Paul Vincent: The Child Welfare Policy and Practice Group, 428 East Jefferson Street, Montgomery, Alabama 36104; Phone: 334-264-8300; Fax: 334-264-8310; Email: pv@childwelfaregroup.org
    • Attorney Adrienne LaBudde: LaBudde and Russell, 1212 Wilmer Avenue, Anniston, Alabama 36202-1924; Phone: (256) 238-0207
    • Foster Parent Advocate Martha Hooper: 1091 County Road 1659, Cullman, AL 35058; Phone: 256-796-0582; Phone: 256-507-3274; Email: frogmh@aol.com
    • Executive Director Chris Newlin: National Children's Advocacy Center, 210 Pratt Ave NE, Huntsville, AL 35801; Phone: 256-533-5437; Fax: 256-534-6883; Email: cnewlin@nationalcac.org
    • Commissioner Nancy Buckner: State Department of Human Resources, S. Gordon Persons Building, 2nd Floor, 50 Ripley Street, Montgomery, AL 36130; Phone: (334) 242-1160; Email: Nancy.Buckner@dhr.alabama.gov
    • Alabama Attorney General, Executive Division: 501 Washington Avenue, Montgomery, Alabama 36104; Phone: 334-242-7300
    • Alabama Attorney General, Legislative Affairs Section: Post Office Box 300152, Montgomery, Alabama 36130; Fax: 334-242-7458; Phone: 334-353-1082

    FYI, at least one of the offices that did respond to my letters regarding the Alabama DHR's abuses did not even know that they were tasked with oversight of the Alabama DHR. Thus, you might need to educate them about their DHR oversight responsibilities (e.g., Executive Order 11).