• Texas Child "Protection" Services: Pipeline to Child Sex Trafficking

    The Texas Tribune is running a series of articles this month highlighting the problems of child sex trafficking in Texas. They point out how: Eighty-six percent of runaway children in the United States suspected of being forced into sex work came from the child welfare system, according to a 2016 analysis of cases reported to the National Center on Missing and Exploited Children. Of the 79,000 child sex trafficking victims estimated to be in the state, the vast majority were in foster care or had previous contact with Child Protective Services, according to a recent University of Texas study. We applaud the Texas Tribune for covering this issue. However, as in most mainstream media reports on issues such as this one, the corruption in Child Protective services is seldom, if ever, reported, or the fact that the majority of children taken from their homes are NOT for reasons of abuse, but for "neglect." Children taken into custody by the state represent a significant source of income for those employed by the state for "child welfare." In a recent report from Connecticut, for example, we see that 90% of children entering the system are NOT for abuse, but "neglect." This is generally true in every state, and "neglect" is such a broad category, that we have seen children taken away from parents for disagreeing with a doctor over the care of their children, allowing the children to run around outside barefoot, taking a child out of school to start homeschooling, having a dirty house, etc.

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  • Texas Child "Protection" Services: Pipeline to Child Sex Trafficking

    People, go to the link and sign the petition that will force Congress to take action to remove the monetary incentivization from the states to continue to do this.


  • Texas Child "Protection" Services: Pipeline to Child Sex Trafficking

    more than cps in it. I read a number of reports back a good while ago. It had links back to Boystown and the Bush scandal of rentboys touring the w.h.

    But mostly it was reporters, frightened for their lives, deciding they needed to say what there was to say about the male prositution in Houston and Austin, the dead youths trying to get free, the high places that knew how to quash reports and coverage. many had come there to work-from out of state even.

    It takes more than a CPS

  • Texas Child "Protection" Services: Pipeline to Child Sex Trafficking

    David-Clark said:

    The reason why the news media does not report on these abuses, The amount of power and money CPS has, Their control of the so called family courts and their judges that they own lock stock and barrel. The police that will back CPS up to arresting you for saying you can't take my children, so much abuse of power that by law CPS does NOT HAVE, But are allowed by the powers that be, and looking the other way as to much money to be made for kidnapping our children!!!!


    CPS couldn't control my lawyer, but he was one of the few. I won my case, but my husband had the allegations against him substantiated, though the case was dropped in three courts. I was told to contact the ombudsman to appeal. Well, we tried contacting the social worker because we didn't understand how the process worked. No answer as usual from her. Spoke to her supervisor, but was told I'd have to speak to the social worker because it was her case. I complained that she wasn't returning our calls. We were told the appeal would go in front of an ALJ, so we thought we'd have to get evidence. I busted my butt getting as much evidence as possible. Called the ombudsman to tell him how the social worker wasn't returning our calls and that I was trying to get all the evidence as quickly as possible. He said we didn't have to get evidence, we just had to list why we were objecting to the substantiation. I said okay, but that I'd then have to rewrite everything and that I'd be a bit late getting it in. He said that was fine. The next thing I know we get a letter in the mail saying that the woman from QC denied our report because it was late. I called her, told her the whole story, and stated that the ombudsman said it was fine it was going to be late. I said to her in my message, 'Isn't the ombudsman over you anyway?' I never got a return call. I then called and made complaints...no answers. Called the ombudsman back, explained the situation to him and he basically told us that, that was the decision the woman in charge of QC made. I called the CPS office to complain to the supervisor because her worker not returning our calls is what caused this to happen. She said that it was out of her hands and in the hands of the state capital. So we called the representative. The representative stated that we'd have to go through the CPS supervisor. So here we have the supervisor saying it was in the state capital's hands, and a worker for the state capital stating it was in the supervisor's hands. Again called the supervisor and told her what the representative said. I stated that we had proof that this did not happen, so she told me to call the detective that had been on the case. I called him over and over again, even wrote him, and got no response at all. So I then complained to his boss, the Sheriff. The Sheriff said it was out of his hands because he didn't handle investigations anymore. What that had to do with anything, I don't know. Finally, after almost a year, I spoke to the detective, as I ran into him at the court house and told him what happened. He told me that he couldn't do anything because the case was dropped and said just what the supervisor said, that it was in the state capital's hands. I told him basically, 'Here we go again, running in circles.' He said he didn't know what to tell me because, since the case was dropped, he couldn't do anything and to try to contact the supervisor. I contacted the supervisor and she said we got our appeal in late...yeah, because her worker wouldn't return our calls. So now I don't know what path to take.

    I have my child back and have for a long time. She was so traumatized she threatened suicide three times and cut up her arm. She's in therapy with a great psychologist now, however, but I warned the social worker not to damage her mental health any further, as she was in a partial hospitalization program at the time. She even got the partial hospitalization program therapist to lie! When my daughter was taken from me, she was suppose to follow their SOP and place my daughter with a family member. She spoke to my dad, but he didn't understand what exactly she was calling about because she never once asked him to take my daughter in to stay with my parents, which they would've gladly agreed to. When she tried taking my daughter away, I got him on the phone and he said he'd be up there as quickly as possible to get my daughter. I told the CPS worker that, but she refused to talk to him, again breaking their SOP. The officer that was there had a body cam on him, so I called him later to see if I could get a copy of her refusing to talk to my dad on it. He said sure and for me to call archives, which I did. I called archives over and over again, only to have them tell me time and time again that the tape wasn't ready yet. After numerous calls I was eventually told by the woman in archives that I was over the 6 wk. deadline. What?! I called and called and kept getting told it wasn't ready yet and then I get told I was over the 6 wk. deadline after calling and asking for it numerous times?!! I called the officer that was there that day and he found the whole thing odd. Of course the social worker is involved with a state trooper. The social worker also perjured herself in court in saying my dad wasn't interested in taking my daughter. He was put on the stand and swore that he was never asked. When they had my daughter in foster care for almost four days, she makes it so my daughter was pulled out of the partial hospitalization program after only being in there a month when she was suppose to be in there 10 wks! She then got my daughter into a program that she wanted that my daughter hated (the only way to get my daughter in the program she wanted was to have her pulled out of partial hospitalization). My lawyer fought tooth and nail for me to get her in with a psychologist of my choosing, which I did. I will forever be grateful to him for that because her psychologist has been a major help to her...helping to get her over the trauma she was put through by the detective and the social worker. She was put on medication, but reacted badly to it, so her psychologist has been working with her on behavioral therapy and it's done so much for her! Even her psychologist believes her.

    I noticed too that when the social worker was in the commonwealth attorney's office along with the detective and acting like a child drunk with power...and she IS a child, as my oldest daughter was older than her...her only being in her early 20's and having no children of her own; as soon as she left the whole atmosphere in the room changed and the detective and commonwealth attorney started talking a lot more. It was like they were afraid to say anything in front of her. Though the detective didn't put a word he said to me after she left in his police report, of course.

    As my lawyer said, because he wanted to go after them with everything he had, but I didn't have the extra $5,000 - $10,000 that would cost, he'd love to knock them off of their pedestal. He was positive we could've won, but as I said, I didn't have the extra money.

    Then CPS put in their after care plan, which was not part of the original agreement, that my daughter and husband cannot be left alone together. No ending date was ever given. My lawyer was shocked when I told him that, but I do have ways around that now...I'm just working on tying up loose ends before I go for the option, as my daughter hates that she can't be alone with my husband, but hey, I have to follow the rules or risk losing her and she knows it. Thing is, it only adds to her trauma.

    They don't care that they traumatized a child just because they feel the end justifies the means, how much this has hurt our family or that they made it so we've had to run in circles with no justice, other than the justice my lawyer was able to provide. How they sleep at night, I don't know.

    CPS only cares about the power and money they have, which is disgusting. I mean, that's just CT reporting that 90% of the children are not entering the system for abuse. I haven't checked recently, but I imagine the numbers of children taken away from parents for their idea of neglect, must be unbelievably staggering. We had a story ran here over the problems with CPS and on children being made into child sex slaves as well. Just like our state, I doubt anything will be done about the reports made by the Texas Tribune either, though one can surely hope and pray it will.

    The average person doesn't understand until it happens to them. They think that CPS only cares about helping the children. Yes, there are children that do need removing from truly abusive homes and there are good social workers out there, but what people don't get is that the majority are overrun by corruption and greed. They tried to write that I stated the only reason I was cooperating with them was so that I didn't have to return to court, but when I confronted the supervisor on that and reminded her that since this is a one consent state, they were recorded the entire time and I could prove that was never stated, she came up with one of the stupidest excuses I'd ever heard. She claimed I stated that when my child was being interviewed. Thing is, we weren't involved with the courts at the time, so there was no way I could only be cooperating with them because I didn't want to have to go back to court, as there was no court involvement at the time (the court was only involved because of a misunderstanding in the first place and that was around five mos. later). Of course, when I requested a copy of my files from them, I never got them. All the public ever hears about is the "poor, overworked social workers"...they never hear the horror stories the children and families were put through. They think CPS are angels sent from heaven to rescue children, not knowing the truth because they eat up everything the mainstream media spoon feeds them without doing their own investigating. I find it sickening that people will sarcastically say, "Oh, you believe that because the internet told you so." You never hear, "Oh, you believe that because the mainstream media told you so."

    Kudos for the Texas Tribune stepping up to the plate and trying to get the REAL news out there though.

    Well, I'm stepping off of my soapbox now, as when it comes to CPS, I can stay on it for a very long time.😢

  • Texas Child "Protection" Services: Pipeline to Child Sex Trafficking

    The reason why the news media does not report on these abuses, The amount of power and money CPS has, Their control of the so called family courts and their judges that they own lock stock and barrel. The police that will back CPS up to arresting you for saying you can't take my children, so much abuse of power that by law CPS does NOT HAVE, But are allowed by the powers that be, and looking the other way as to much money to be made for kidnapping our children!!!!