• New California Proposed Bill to Increase Government Seizure of Children from Families?

    You may be familiar with the phrase “as California goes, so goes the nation." California’s legislative innovations are increasingly becoming harbingers of medical tyranny over children and their families. California Senator Dr. Richard Pan pushed through the mandatory vaccine law SB 277 last year with financial backing from vaccine manufacturers to ban children from public and private schools unless most of the CDC vaccine schedule was completed. Previous allowable vaccination exemptions are no longer allowed, except for medical exemptions. However, one prestigious California pediatrician is being threatened with losing his license to practice for issuing a medical exemption to vaccines to one of his patients. Could this be the State's method of shutting down doctors who dare to write vaccine exemptions, so that soon not even medical exemptions will be readily available to those who need them? Other such state bills mandating vaccines and removing exemptions were easily defeated across the U.S. in 2015, due to public outcry. Yet even though the public outcry was probably the loudest in California in opposition to SB 277, it somehow still passed. California became the first state to remove religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccines. Two other states, Mississippi and West Virginia, have never had such exemptions, and their yearly health statistics on children are consistently among the worst in the United States. Will the health of California's children now decline due to mandated increases in vaccination rates? Now that same state senator, Dr. Pan, is introducing new legislation, SB 18, that allows the state to assume total ownership of a child’s well being, as defined by state and medical bureaucratic “experts.”

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  • New California Proposed Bill to Increase Government Seizure of Children from Families?

    Hasn't anyone noticed that residents of Cali have no rights?

  • New California Proposed Bill to Increase Government Seizure of Children from Families?

    How long are you going to take it?

  • New California Proposed Bill to Increase Government Seizure of Children from Families?

    I'm totally convinced, but how much proof do all the rest of you need to realize that our "government" is literally, legislatively, and in every other possible means attacking you.

    As human beings we all have rights. We have the right to self defense AS HUMANS - and our so called "Constitutional Rights" are to degree constitutional in relation to the nation as founded, but most of them are HUMAN RIGHTS. These are "inalienable (unalienable) and inherent". That means that you literally have these rights simply by existing.- inherent. NO person or fictitious legal entity (country, corporation, person, other human, etc) has the legitimate authority to deprive you of any rights. No authority whatsoever.

    All laws in this country are subservient to the Constitution. That is the highest law of the land. It doesn't matter what someone tells you in an executive order (unless it is a lawful EO - AND you are an employee of the executive branch of federal govt - the only ones under EO authority. It doesn't matter what someone tells you as "an act of congress", a statutory law, a regulation by the EPA, USDA or any alphabet soup agency. If those rules, regulations, statutory laws, acts of congress, EOs or ANYTHING do NOT comply with constitutional law, those laws are NOT VALID and were called "pretend" and "imaginary" laws by our founding fathers - who instructed us to disobey such non-compliant laws.

    Obviously we have the total RIGHT to disobey their dictates regarding medical decisions (no constitutional authority over our bodies granted in constitution to anyone) BUT - here is the gist of the matter:

    HOW DO WE ACTIVELY RESIST? If we do it singly - they will just terrorize us one at a time. We have to somehow figure out how to stand together and make them fear us. It might mandate communal gatherings for people refusing to damage their children with vaccines... We could always demand that the state test the kids for known risks in taking vaccines (the kids are sick, siblings have psoriasis, you don't know they have mitochondrial dysfunction - etc. Put on excuse after excuse with the (lie) "desire" to vaccinate when you are reassured that your kids are safe....Then they look like they're just picking on a compliant parent who is just more cautious than the general public....

    Either we risk jail (have a legal transfer of guardianship for imprisonment to circumvent state placement into pedophilia system?) or the kids lives.....

    Sick group of "government" political whores. Either bought by the drug pushers (do NOT dignify them with a "respectable" term like "pharmaceutical companies") or too stupid to figure out the second layer and deeper.

  • New California Proposed Bill to Increase Government Seizure of Children from Families?

    Gee, if the self-proclaimed "real" media actually did some real investigative journalism, I'm a-thinkin' they'd find a connection between Pizzagate, the Haiti child-trafficking ring run/abetted by the Clinton Foundation, and the CPS systems in many states. For starters.

    Instead, however, they simply scoff at the Pizzagate "hoax" that has been "debunked" in some way they never bother to explain. Nothing to see here, folks, move along...

  • New California Proposed Bill to Increase Government Seizure of Children from Families?

    It is believed that many of these children which are sold into human trafficking come from CPS child snatching.

    It works like this: a couple adopts a child in CPS, only to move out of the state shortly after the ink dries on the adoption papers. The child is never seen again, and is really sold into the human trafficking rings that operate in the US.