• Forced Psychiatric Treatments Expanded under Fast Track Bill Before Senate

    URGENT ACTION ALERT On November 30th, the House passed HR 34, a 996-page bill, known as the 21st Century Cures Act. They are now rushing to get it introduced and passed by the Senate on Monday, December 5th, at 5:30 EST. This bill must be defeated because it contains some very dangerous provisions relating to psychiatric treatments. This is an urgent call to action as we must let our Senators know that they need to oppose it. WHY THIS BILL MUST BE OPPOSED: It drastically broadens the criteria for who qualifies for forced psychiatric treatment. For example, if you are labeled mentally ill, you can be court-ordered for psychiatric treatment just because you are “substantially unlikely to voluntarily participate in treatment.” All states already have their own laws regarding involuntary treatment and so there is no need for Federal legislation, especially with such dangerously broad language. It undermines FDA regulations that are essential for making sure medical and drug research is conducted ethically, scientifically and safely. Meaning it could cost lives. Additionally, this 996-page bill is being fast-tracked through as it is being introduced with no time for the Senators to fully study and understand the broad implications of it.

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  • Forced Psychiatric Treatments Expanded under Fast Track Bill Before Senate

    While my teen aged daughter was waiting to be signed out to go home after her fourth round of chemo at Mayo in Rochester, MN, a Resident in the psychiatry program there came to her room and started interrogating her with nonsense questioning. She introduced herself as a "child psychiatrist" and not a Resident, even telling the ward nurses this. We had never met her before and she was not on my daughter's cancer/medical team.

    She tried to force me to sign consent forms allowing her to start my daughter on two psych drugs she did not need and had not consulted with the medical team or head of psychology who had been seeing daughter (hospital protocol for all cancer kids) whenever she came in for chemo. She stated if I allow her to start daughter on these drugs we can then go home as scheduled (within minutes). When I insisted on first a consult with the team she threatened me in front of daughter that if I will not sign, she "will go to judge and get it done that way."

    She went on to lie to us and to the nursing staff and ward social worker. Finally stating that my daughter was a danger to herself and that I had been abusing her and neglecting her (not taking her to medical treatments even though that is why we were there at that very moment - for the fourth time!), and that my daughter "indicated" (not that she stated but "indicated") that she will kill herself if she goes home with me. All lies and my daughter was in tears, terrified and begging me to take her home. This Resident then forced my daughter to the locked psych ward.

    End of story is that my precious daughter was then held from me - her mom- her friends, home, priest, teachers (entire support system), and medical team, her treatments and her life saving stem cell transplant, resulting in her very cruel and torturous death just two and a half months later in a different hospital in yet another state. It was the children's cancer ward social worker who discovered this person was not a licensed child psychiatrist but a Resident in the program and that she had also forged my daughter's medical records with statements against me and of this fake nonsense that daughter wanted to kill herself. Daughter was fighting for her life! Not her death! And I was the one taking her to the best hospital in the world for the best treatment I could possibly get her!

    I also found out while researching the Mayo website that this Resident was writing a research paper on "Eating Disorders In Teenage Girls" and "curing" this "disorder" with psych drugs. My daughter would have made the perfect guinea pig as cancer patients do have a hard time keeping weight at optimal "weight chart" levels. for their age. Although my daughter was not even close to being considered seriously underweight. Another statement this Resident made to me while threatening me was that "Most parents just sign and do as they are told and do not ask questions."

    Another thing I found on the website is their posted "Protocol Of Minor Wards Of State" which outlined that they are then able to do anything and everything they want to to that child in state custody. Including "experimental" treatments, surgeries and drugs. Even shock treatments. I believe this is what the Resident was trying to get done by contacting family services and getting an investigation started so she could then continue her "research paper" and experimentation unbided and with me completely out of the way.

    This Resident also contacted family services in my home state/county as we were not from the state of MN. This of course started a mandatory investigation and court proceedings that lasted beyond my daughter's life, and that I was not able to afford a top notch attorney to fight it. I was in fact financially destitute at that point with all finances going to her treatments, drugs and travel - what insurance would not cover.

    This Resident did graduate and is now licensed as a child psychiatrist, working at a university in Utah and private practice - listing on her credentials on the university website that she has done research at Mayo and is experienced (at Mayo) in treating teenage girls with eating disorders.

    Even though I was never charged with any crime it was reported to judge by family services social worker to be a "founded" case, because he "did not have the time to get to every case on his desk in time for Hearings." And that "if you disagree with my determination you can always appeal." And that "your name will remain on the child abuse registry for ten years if you do not successfully appeal." I did appeal through my state's attorney general and won the appeal very easily. Additionally, my training and experience are in children and the medical field. I had had to quit my job while taking daughter to treatments and caring for her. Now I was not even able to apply for another job with this hanging over me and barring me from making any living at all, resulting in my losing our home and belongings. I have been warned by several attorneys not to name names as that puts me at great risk of being charged with defamation etc. by those I name publicly. Even though it is my false accuser who defamed and slandered me and my daughter and caused all of this and my poor daughter's death.

    Another thing for parents to note is to make sure you fully read and understand the admittance forms (legal jargon) at any hospital or clinic you take your child to. Most if not all are essentially giving up your parental rights to the discretion of the hospital and or doctors. And of course the consent forms you sign when they want to dose the child with something.