• The FDA Bans Triclosan in Anti-bacterial Soaps

    The FDA recently issued a rule banning triclosan and more than a dozen other chemicals commonly used in antibacterial soaps. This will affect a large number of products. “If the product makes antibacterial claims, chances are pretty good that it contains one of these ingredients,” according to an FDA spokeswoman. Companies have a year to comply with the new rule. Triclosan is the trade name for 5-Chloro-2-(2,4-dichlorophenoxy) phenol. It’s manufactured from the same raw material as 2,4-D, a component of the infamous Vietnam-era defoliant, Agent Orange. According to the FDA, antibacterial soaps are no better at preventing infection or illness than washing with soap and water. Advocates of natural health have been saying this for years. Many so-called “germs” are essential to the body’s optimal bacteria balance. They act as probiotics for the gut and skin; are naturally anti-inflammatory; and boost the immune system.

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  • The FDA Bans Triclosan in Anti-bacterial Soaps

    I just noticed yesterday that my toothpaste (Colgate Whitening) has triclosan in it as an "antigingivitis" ingredient. Wow!

  • The FDA Bans Triclosan in Anti-bacterial Soaps

    Dear FDA,

    How about banning vaccines?!

    Oh, I forgot, Big Pharma is lining your pockets, so you don't care that children and adults are harmed by these poisons.


    Anita Kysor, R