• Grandmother Fights Against Government Child Trafficking in North Carolina

    A North Carolina grandmother writes: "Why does CPS have to put a price tag on children's heads? I never thought in my life that child trafficking would be legal in our own government. I don't have much hope anymore and my pain is ongoing since the day they took him. We are just another family that's lost in this corrupted government kidnapping our children." Her grandson has been forcibly taken from her family and currently lives with strangers, through the Child Protective System. His grandmother, Kimberly Deese, is one of thousands of parents and grandparents who view the actions of Child Protective Services as literally being a form of legalized child trafficking. It has been one year since Health Impact News first reported the heartbreaking story of Malakai, a little boy who was medically kidnapped from his family and has suffered abuse and malnutrition since being in state custody.

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  • Grandmother Fights Against Government Child Trafficking in North Carolina

    We know that. The corruption the facilities involved and the monetary reward are complicit in the continuation of this heinous vile system.

    lived it! That is why they pick on poor families and families who home school or use alternative medicine. The facility who took my son received at that time for a "special needs" even if they are not really special needs was about 80000 a year. When the government scouts out children they are very careful who they pick and normally choose a child without a live in father. When I told them my son was special needs they denied it

    so that they could continue keeping him in the facility he was taken too. They have it all sewn up...doctors and psychiatrists that lie, workers that abuse, tricks with the courts and ad litems...o...it is a big moneymaker and many

    in the courts who normally do not have anything to do with this part of the system are non the wiser. They take a really long time, months, they they come up with reasons not to hear the case that day, or continually having continuation hearings. In the mean time they threaten their parents to have drug tests, go have psych evaluations constantly to state paid drs. who are always in line with the state to keep their income up. I had paid for 5 separate psych evals and all came up nothing wrong with the private doctors but it cost me 2000 to 5000 for each one and I also had to have my child have them. We were both fine but the courts wouldn't listen. I paid over 30000 for my lawyers and guess what....the judge ignored them too...you see for children there is no constitutional rights! they kept him over 3 years until we were able to sneak in a recorder and record them on and off for a couple of months. We recorded the abuse...magically he was sent home! We tried to sue but no lawyer would stand up to the state.

    I beg God that Pres Trump eliminates all of the CPS agencies throughout the entire country and demands constitutional rights for children too. Why do they have no rights? I have noticed that they not only throw them in the system as a cash cow and available for pedophilia...witnessed in his facility along with him receiving continual inappropriate advances from his counselors , but they do whatever they can to make sure they don't ever leave and go home but put into another facility until they reach 18 and they they lie and fight with the kids to make sure they are incarcerated again. Money!!! By the way, you have the right to tell your children that you refuse to go to a foster home. That is important because they usually are in it for the money and abuse the kids. He was sexually approached by male counselors, female counselors, they set him up with children who had sex issues trying to get him to behave in appropriately. They had several girls with that problem who they intentionally left him in a car with as the aide went to do her shopping. He at first was not even aware of these sexual things, he fought them off and told on the girls and the aides just smiled and did nothing. The male counselor wanted to sit in a private office and make him look at porn on the internet together saying it was sex ed...who does that? My son left to his credit and was afraid of this man. If I can offer any advice, tell the kids to say no foster care they will have to be in a facility with more kids and more interactions with the outside world so it is harder for them to abuse the kids even if it is for a few hours a day. Don't give up and keep praying....God will protect your children and you be a thorn in their side every day. Call, talk to your law makers , go to your attorneys general, do what ever and take the abuse and eventually you too will get your child back! I even put my story in the local paper and named the names of the judges..another thing that started making them see I was not fooling around. To this day ...they do not have a comment section in this paper , it was removed the day I started telling the truth.

  • Grandmother Fights Against Government Child Trafficking in North Carolina

    Want to know a secret you ignorant Americans?

    CPS is NOT about protecting children, it's about pediaphelia, getting your kids, and destroying families........