• Obama Legacy: Medical Tyranny? New Order Issued for Detainment and Quarantines

    Almost on the eve of the 2016 presidential election, outgoing president Barack Obama issued an executive order that is intended to coordinate all the world's health agencies in alignment with the CDC's intention to increase detainment and quarantining guidelines enforcement worldwide. This executive order is of grave concern for advocates of health freedom. It is called “Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda to Achieve a World Safe and Secure from Infectious Disease Threats,” and it was signed and issued on November 4th, 2016. It seems innocuous at first glance, but one set of initials shows up often, GHSA. It stands for Global Health Security Agenda. This term first appeared in a CDC proposal in 2014, during the Disney measles outbreak. This proposal focused mostly on its “vaccine package.” It rested comfortably on the nationally orchestrated outcry against vaccination resistance. Some journalists even suggested jailing parents who did not have their children vaccinated.

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  • Obama Legacy: Medical Tyranny? New Order Issued for Detainment and Quarantines

    Let's hope and pray that Donald Trump can fight for our rights to refuse dangerous medical procedures, and stand up to the giant vested interests making billions of dollars out of killing people with their vile products, lies and propaganda !!!

  • Obama Legacy: Medical Tyranny? New Order Issued for Detainment and Quarantines

    NO - Executive Orders are NOT as binding as laws. By CONSTITUTIONAL LAW (all other rulings take a back seat to constitutional law - the highest law in the land) it is clear that ONLY CONGRESS CAN MAKE A LAW!

    Executive Orders are legal FOR THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH TO EXECUTE THEIR FUNCTION. The function of the executive branch is primarily to implement the laws WHICH ONLY CONGRESS MAKES!

    By definition, when EVERYONE has to obey a law - (general compliance - not EVERY single individual, every single time) or an EO - then THAT BY DEFINITION IS A LAW whethere you call it a statutory law, a regulation, a ruling, a code, an incentive or -piece of legislation.

    So - unless CONGRESS states that everyone has to get a shot - the EO is not enforcing a legitimate LAW and has ONLY authority over employees in the executive branch. NOT the general population.

    Even better for us - read the Constitution - it clearly LIMITS THE FEDERAL GOVT TO 30 ENNUMERATED POWERS and states VERY precisely that any power or authority, rights or controls (not constitutional wording there) that are NOT EXPRESSLY DEFINED AS RESTRICTED TO THE FEDERAL GOVT ARE RETAINED BY THE STATES AND THE PEOPLE.

    The ennumerated powers deprive the federal govt of legitimate purview or authority over our health decisions. All the laws which congress has made in this regard would be considered by George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, JQ Adams, and Thomas Jefferson and more as "imaginary" and "pretended" laws which we have full right to defy and ignore. In fact - Thomas Jefferson stated it is a DUTY to disobey any such unconstitutional "laws"!!! The people who WROTE the constitution know a LOT more about their intent in this regard than any wanna-be constitutional (bought by rich folks) lawyers can ever pretend.

    Next worry: Martial Law.

    In the USA - martial law can ONLY be declared when there is no existing court system, and the military then becomes the replacement for the courts and perhaps the police - IN A POLICE FUNCTION MANNER - not as a military force directed against civilians.

    In fact, under martial law you do not lose your rights. You still have your 4th amendment rights regarding arrests, your 1st amendment rights to free press, speech, freedom of peaceful assembly, and right to petition for redress of grievances. (in addition to freedom of religion)

    So - what it's going to take when the vaxassination Nazi's approach is PUBLIC, open sharing and support of everyone else - and fighting to whatever degree necessary to preserve our freedoms.

    i am NOBODY'S medical slave, and i will fight to my death to defend you and yours also.