• Idaho Mom Loses Two Children for Using Medical Cannabis to Stop Seizures

    An Idaho mother has lost custody of her two children due to her state's strict laws regarding marijuana, where it is not legal even for medical purposes for physicians to prescribe. Kelsey Osborne, 23, has lost custody of her two young children, son Ryker and daughter Madyson aged two and three respectively, to state Child Protective Services (CPS). Both children were removed even though only Madyson was allegedly treated with cannabis during a horrific seizure episode. Her seizures were allegedly the result of withdrawal side effects from getting off of Risperdal, an anti-psychotic drug. Kelsey now faces the charge of “causing injury to a child.”

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  • Idaho Mom Loses Two Children for Using Medical Cannabis to Stop Seizures

    This is unreal.

    First the state pushes vaccinations. I bet she wasn't informed of all of the side effects from them because parents rarely are. Then her child is harmed from said vaccination. Shes actually TREATING her child with REAL medicine. But because her state isn't up to par on the reality of this medication like half of the world is... they TAKE HER CHILDREN?!?! at a time when they need her most?!?! WHAT KIND OF WORLD IS THIS?!?! give her back her kids and leave her alone! shes trying to be a mother!! and she was doing a decent job at it with this medication! I hope she sues you for every thing she has. Medical negligence for not informing her of the side effects of the MMR vaccine, and child abuse for refusing her child the treatment that cured her diagnoses.

    This state needs a wake up call.

    Shes helping her children. Idiots.