• Attorney Jonathan Emord Takes on the FDA Over Electroshock (ECT) Device

    In December 2015, the FDA issued a proposed order to down-classify the device used to deliver electroshock therapy. Today, Attorney Jonathan Emord filed a Citizens Petition with the FDA on behalf of 5 individuals who were damaged by electroshock. “I hope this is the beginning of the path to do away with shock [ECT]. Hopefully it’ll go the way of lobotomies, another ‘miracle treatment’.” ECT survivor, shocked as a teenager Most people surveyed thought electroshock therapy, also called electroconvulsive therapy or ECT, did go the way of lobotomies. In fact, a conservative estimate is that over 100,000 individuals receive electroshock therapy each year in the U.S. Actual numbers are not available because there is no tracking of this. The ECT procedure involves shooting up to 450 volts of electricity through the brain, intentionally causing a massive seizure. According to the FDA, electroshock therapy can cause cognitive impairment, memory impairment, prolonged seizures, dental trauma, manic symptoms, pulmonary complications, worsening of psychiatric symptoms, and death.

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  • Attorney Jonathan Emord Takes on the FDA Over Electroshock (ECT) Device

    Thanks for the history of the Compelling Interest Doctrine.

    What I find fascinating is when Holmes says in Buck vs Bell, "The Principal that sustains compulsory Vaccination..." and how that does not only lead to putting something into the body but changing how the body performs.

    What exactly is "The Principal that sustains..." Is the the greater good he is referring to?

    I have an religious exemption from Immunization in NY State as afforded to me under Stat Law 2164-9 where as Volume A-1A (Title 10 CCR) is irrelevant but often quoted. Also, Civil Rights Act 1964 Title VII section 201, 202 and 203 along with the 1st amendment are the laws that I quoted to acquire what is rightly mine under the constitution.

    However, I did not fight for my rights by quoting my religion. Rather, I established 2 religions.

    After establishing that my strongly held personal religious belief (singular as in Employment Division Vs Smith 1990 - If a law targets as SINGLE religious act it violates the free exercise clause)

    So I have my religion that states , My God is a Jealous God and I shall worship no others.

    I then build a case that the Government established a religion that is against my religion.

    I said, I will not offer myself on the Alter of Vaccination to the False god of Immunity for your Collective Salvation.

    The www.CDC.gov web site says 24/7 Saving Lives/Protecting People. It is trade marked.

    Look it up yourself. They have established that they (the cdc.gov) are infact a god as they control Life and Death.

    We all know that Immunization is of supreme importance, why else would the government write so many laws forcing us to be Immunized? As anyone if Vaccination is of supreme importance? Ask your doctor? Ask any Pediatrician. Heck 3 minutes after your born you get Immunized against Hep B - EVEN IF YOU DONT HAVE IT!

    The definition of a Religion is - something that is of supreme importance.

    Then I put their religion against mine. But the 1st amendment says I am to be FREE from and Established Religion.

    So that's not good for them.

    BUt wait, the doctrine of Compelling Interest!!! for the GREATER GOOD!!

    In this case the Government now calls this Herd Immunity. If enough of the population is vaccinated against disease then the community as a whole is immune.

    So how then can I, who is not Immunized, then remove someone else's immunity?

    The only answer is, the other people were not 100% immune in the first place.

    Now in religious circles we call herd immunity, COLLECTIVE SALVATION. No one is saved unless everyone is saved.

    So now my God who holds life and 100% immunity is said to be irrelevant and my worship is worthless. The god of science is more powerful and can save us from death!

    However, it is my God's will that EVERYONE dies! How then can the government through the CDC.GOV web site say that they 24/7 SAVE LIFES/PROTECT PEOPLE from Death and disease.

    In other words, they claim that this god of immunity that is to be worshiped can infact lengthen the days of my life if I simply roll up my sleeve in the religious act of vaccination I will LIVE!! Not only that but I will the SAVIOR of my COMMUNITY. I have SAVED THE WORLD!!!!

    Or if not, like the commercial, I will become the big bad wolf and devour the young and bring death and destruction. I will be, SATAN INCARNATE and bring Death TO THE WORLD!!!

    Isn't that the argument? People get immunized, Yeah!!! oh no an UNVAXED! RUN they can take away our immunity, we will all DIE!!!

    Seems more like proselytization to me. We all must worship this False god or else NO ONE will be Immune...Muwahahahahahahhahahhahahhaahahahahahahah.

    So I said I will not offer my son on the alter of vaccination to the false god of immunity for your collective salvation.

    You can not force me to worship this false god.

    The school board thinks I am a religious nut job.