MICROCEPHALY in USA, in 2004, it was 400 cases................. THAT IS ALL. TDAP began being pushed on pregnant women from 2012, now USA has 25,000 cases a year. angelaoffer@hotmail.com angela coral eisenhauer (facebook).

Australia was the FIRST to switch to Dtap vaccines, in 1996. In 1991 we had 53% vaccination rate, with the old DTP, and 347 cases of whooping cough. Look what happened after Dtap the acellular vaccine for whooping cough was introduced in 1996? By 2011 we had 40,000 cases of whooping cough ALL IN FULLY VACCINATED CHILDREN AGED 6-12.

I tested the kids in Western Australia in 2010, Albany. The whooping cough kids didn't even realise it was whooping cough, no one had seen cases of whooping cough, ever. After an average of coughing for 4 weeks, they got sent in for testing. All fully vaccinated, 99 out of every 100 kids in Australia are vaccinated! All vaccine failures. No one, NOT ONE born before 1996 caught it........... We were coughed over 45,000 people for 8 months!

The Western Australian Health department tested the younger kids, all vaccinated, no symptoms. They still had whooping cough bacteria, in their throats, and were spreading it. Their bodies didn't recognise the infection, they didn't get sick, so they spread it for weeks, then they catch it again, and spread it for weeks, and around and around. The vaccinated herd in Australia is so infected now, because they REFUSE to ban Dtap, if they did, all the vaccinated carriers would be gone in 3 years, because that is how long the useless vaccine stops symptoms for, only 3 years! ie By age 6-12 all the vaccines are failing, and the kids catch the bacteria in their own throats, get real whooping cough, with symptoms, and NEVER spread it again.

Every baby infected now in Australia is infected by a vaccinated child, usually a symptomless sibling. All Australian Health needs to do, is test the siblings, to make sure they are not silent carriers of whooping cough, before they see new baby.

As for Tdap in pregnancy? Wtf did they expect would happen, attempting to vaccinate a foetus, with a vaccine that kills them if given at birth............ Yes, miscarriage, or 1 in 50 now born microcephalic, to prevent what? If 200 babies caught whooping cough, only one of them MIGHT die, so instead, of banning Dtap, no more baby infections, they jab them before birth now, and cause horrific vaccine damage, before birth?

Here is the real paper, the one CDC read, before they wrote their toilet paper zika done it bull. It is not even published yet, so share it widely. If CDC got that crap into the NEJM, this one doesn't have a hope of being published.


And thank god, I can finally contact you at Health Impact News............ if you want more research papers, or proof of the LOW cases of microcephaly worldwide, before jabbing in pregnancy, let me know.

Thank god, you finally dumped Disqus........... that is a media controlled data manipulation (ie information collection) agency........ I got banned from there months ago.