• “Terrorism Is An Inadequate Term To Describe What CPS Puts Families Through" - Arkansas Attorney Joe Churchwell

    Arkansas attorney Joseph Churchwell was interviewed by Tammi Stefano this past week on the National Safe Child Show. Attorney Churchwell has seen first hand the corruption of "Child Protection Services" (CPS) in his state, the state of Arkansas, including the way they tried to destroy the homeschooling family of Hal and Michelle Stanley last year, which we covered here on MedicalKidnap.com. Attorney Churchwell, who represents families in his state in their fight against the corruption in child social services in Arkansas, agrees with the late Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer, who stated that CPS is too corrupt to be reformed, and needs to be abolished.

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  • “Terrorism Is An Inadequate Term To Describe What CPS Puts Families Through" - Arkansas Attorney Joe Churchwell

    "The Arkansas Department of Human Service uses almost Gestapo type tactics when dealing with families." - Arkansas State Senator Gary Stubblefield October 1, 2015, shortly after Hal Stanley and attorney Joe Churchwell testified before the legislative committee, the Joint Performance Review Committee. That was also the day the chief legal counsel of the Arkansas Department of Human Services (ARDHS) stated that the policies of ARDHS overrode the Bill of Rights. We thought Joe Churchwell was going to have a stroke. Joe was called to the witness table to respond and stated to the committee chair, "Your honor, NOTHING OVERRIDES THE BILL OF RIGHTS!"

    As a child welfare reform activist, I can stand no more of this corruption. Last November I filed for the Arkansas State House of Representatives for District 9. If elected I will join many others in the Arkansas General Assembly to abolish this Gestapo.DCFS. Sixteen days after filing, we received a knock on our door. It was child welfare . An referral of medical abuse had been called in by someone. We have a yellow/black sign on our door that states "Warning: Constitution protected home. All CPS workers in the United States must submit to the 4th and 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution. Our attorney is _______ (_____)______-________. DO NOT ENTER WITHOUT WARRANT." (Its available as a photo on my campaign website.) The investigation took two months. DCFS never entered our home, never interviewed me, the children or even called our attorney. (I gave them Joe Churchwell's name and number). We finally received a letter stating "no preponderance of evidence".

    Last month my incumbent opponent withdrew from the race, stating she had ovarian cancer. Four days later she died. Democrats started scrambling to run against me. Of the choices, they nominated Leanne Burch, child welfare attorney. Yep, my new opponent is the same DCFS attorney who has harassed my family for the last 4+ years with an average of one CPS investigation a year. State law does not permit her to mentioned specifics of any case. The First Amendment allows me to openly communicate any detail of any case that I have knowledge of. I can't wait to debate this attorney.