• Gardasil Vaccine Devastation is No Coincidence

    For a long time, I was silent about the Gardasil connection to my child’s injury. I will not remain silent any longer. I don’t care if people consider me “one of those crazy anti-vax people.” I am this child’s mother and the vilest injustice has been perpetrated against her.

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  • Gardasil Vaccine Devastation is No Coincidence

    As a LYME literate Integrative Medici e pediatrician, this history sounds a lot like chronic Lyme disease. If so it would be treatable, so make sure Lyme is not the or a problem. It is imperative to have the evaluation done by a LYME LITERATE physician.

    Read Ally Hilfiger's story in book Bite Me. Sick 10 years and multiple specialists and diagnoses before Lyme figured out

    Dr Bose Ravenel

  • Gardasil Vaccine Devastation is No Coincidence

    I really feel for you and your daughter. In a Chemistry lab my then lab partner from Singapore told me she had been struck down by a mystery autoimmune neurological illness which had left her crippled through highschool. When she told me it had started when she was 13, I had an "AHA" moment but I didn't dare ask if she had just had the jab. I didn't want to even imply there may be an association.

    What cured it? Homeopathy, their last resort. She now wants to go into Neuroscience. I hope this ends.