• New California Vaccine Law Being Challenged in Court

    California's controversial new vaccination law, SB277 which is scheduled to go into effect this month (July 2016), has been challenged in court. SB277 became the first law in the United States to remove the philosophical and religious exemption for childhood vaccines, thereby completely removing parental choice in any decisions about vaccinating their children as a requirement for attending school. Only two other states do not have philosophical or religious exemptions (and apparently never did), Mississippi and West Virginia. Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen of the BolenReport reported on the new lawsuit filed in California, where parents and non-profit organizations are suing the State of California Department of Health, Department of Education, three school districts, and one County Public Health Department.

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  • New California Vaccine Law Being Challenged in Court

    What can a parent do who wants to enroll a student now - any progress with the lawsuit?

    I heard a rumor that a doctor who was prescribing medical exemptions "died suddenly and unexpectedly" and that writing exemptions are risky/dangerous for doctors (another doctor told me this).

    My friend's healthy, thriving 4 yr. old daughter wants to start preschool and she has two cousins with autism. Anyone know if this will "medically" qualify and a doctor who is sympathetic/safe in Nor Cal?

    Thanks. . .

  • New California Vaccine Law Being Challenged in Court

    Very well written, and proposed. This story doesn't really need commentary, such as it is. Simply needs to be forwarded to every possible email address.

  • New California Vaccine Law Being Challenged in Court

    Before they signed this "law" (really legislation and legality - not based upon common LAW?) i stated that this means the State of Calif and it's negligent or incompetent Supreme Court need to be sued along with the assembly etc members who voted this travesty into passing.

    First off - it literally turns the State of California into a MEDICAL DICTATORSHIP. Literally. No choice - YOUR body is theirs....

    They are now practicing medicine without a license - wonder what would happen to anyone else who made such a "one-size-fits-all" idiotic piece of garbage decision? Jail time.

    The state constitution clearly states that as citizens, we have the right to FULLY INFORMED DISCLOSURE regarding ANY medical procedures - and that EVEN IF IT IS PROVEN THAT A MEDICAL PROCEDURE IS "GOOD" - WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY AND ALL PROCEDURES!!!

    So they violated their own constitution right there - wake up State Supreme Court Moronjority....

    The state constitution also declares that all children have the right to an education. Since the incompetence/collaboration of the state/fed govt has destroyed economic opportunities for many millions of people, not all people can afford to lose the income which would incur with one parent leaving the work force to homeschool - so homeschooling (or private) schooling is NOT an option for many people. This doesn't even address what options are available to single parents who would like to homeschool or send their child to a private institution....

    Again - State Supreme court = total FAILURE.

    The US Constitution states in the beginning of the First Amendment that "Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion, nor the free practice thereof...." and yet the state has just done EXACTLY THAT. How can the signatories to the constitution of the nation - the highest law of the land to which ALL laws must comply or be null and void - do what nobody, no "authority" has ANY legitimate right to do? They took away "inherent and inalienable" rights? NO! Inherent means they are ours - period - end of debate. Inalienable means that NOBODY and NOTHING can remove those HUMAN rights which were RECOGNIZED by the constitution. NOT GRANTED BY THE CONSTITUTION - the implications there are huge - if the constitution granted us those rights and was invalidated (as current govt constantly attempts to do) then we'd lose our rights. As a HUMAN RIGHT - we have those rights until we are no longer human.

    In order for ALL children/people (you know the adult legislation is in the works, right?) to have a mandated medical procedure - you have to PROVE that it is always safe, always beneficial in terms of protecting us from the diseases the vaccine was built for. ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

    Well - if one size fits all - and people have PROVABLY been KILLED by vaccines - the state is going to line up our children, vaxassinate them, and THEY WILL ALL DIE!!

    So, that is too extreme, eh? Well - we know that MOST of the people becoming infected with infectious diseases today are vaccinated to NOT GET those diseases - so the vaccine is regularly FAILING TO PROTECT US FROM THE DISEASES THEY ARE SUPPPOSED TO PREVENT, and additionally - the effects are frequently MORE dangerous than letting the disease ocur naturally in childhood. ie measles, where asymptomatic measles is more dangerous than childhood measles, where getting measles as a teen or young adult is much more dangerous, etc. Summation - the vaccines DO NOT WORK ON SOME PEOPLE so, since we are being forced to line up and get shot because ONE SIZE FITS ALL - our kids are going to get jabbed like a pincushion - AND NOT HAVE PROTECTION FROM THE VACCINES!!!

    Well, the vaxassination theology crowd (blind faith in the effectiveness/need for shots) doesn't like that one either. So - since we KNOW BEYOND ANY DOUBT WHATSOEVER that many, many people have been damaged by vaccines on a permanent basis - neurological damages including autism (in 81 cases settled by the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program) OUR CHILDREN ARE GOING TO LINE UP AND EVERY ONE OF THEM IS GOING TO BECOME CRIPPLED AND/OR DAMAGED IN SOME MANNER.

    Again - i hear the pro-vax crowd screaming their heads off - metaphorically. So, they object to the DANGERS AND DAMAGES KNOWN TO HAPPEN ON A RATHER COMMON BASIS to be universal - and yet they insist that all the benefits are universal????????

    How retarded is THAT? If we KNOW beyond doubt that damages, failures of protection, and death ARE known to occur from vaccination - they you CANNOT ARGUE THAT A PRODUCT DEFINED AS "UNARGUABLY UNSAFE" is in fact, safe..

    This way lies medical and mental retardation.