• Former Cancer Research Biochemist Cured His Cancer with Cannabis

    Among all the health professionals, M.D.s, herbalists, osteopaths, chiropractors, legal advisers as well as grass roots activists promoting medical cannabis for various applications interviewed on the Holistic Cannabis Summit, the interview of Dennis Hill is unique because he self-medicated with cannabis and cured his prostate cancer in six months. Dennis Hill is a biochemist who worked in the research department of the prestigious MD Anderson Cancer Institute in Houston for several years. Decades later in 2010, he was diagnosed with aggressive Stage III adenocarcinoma of the prostate. Not wanting to endure the harmful side effects of conventional cancer treatment that he saw while working at the MD Anderson Cancer Institute, he took a friend's advice and began to look at cannabis as a possible alternative treatment. After only three months, the main tumor was gone, but a few metastatic lesions remained. In another three months, all traces of cancer were gone.

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  • Former Cancer Research Biochemist Cured His Cancer with Cannabis

    Hello Dennis and Team,

    I have been working on building up some tolerance to ultimately lead to 1 gram per day per tx protocol.

    I have been taking RSO with 1:1 at 35/35%. Indica.

    My concern is the effect that I feel emotionally while taking the RSO during the day. It seems to create a racing mind, that seems to be effecting my interior peace, my mind seems to be working too hard.

    I am fine with the dose amount at night, sleep well and wake up refreshed.

    So I am looking for suggestions. If I took the full dose at night, could I take something else during the day. Its not physical impairment I am dealing with, it really is more of an emotional grind which is not common to my personality or typical focused mind.

    Looking for suggestions. Thanks.