• Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts Opens the Legal Door to Retry All Shaken Baby Syndrome Convictions

    As the medical profession continues to debate the merits of "Shaken Baby Syndrome" (SBS), the American judicial system is increasingly determining that the evidence against SBS is strong enough to prevent convictions in a court of law, where the standard is "reasonable doubt." As Christina England reports, Chief Justice Ralph Gants from the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts just ruled this month that another SBS case in Massachusetts must be re-tried, because evidence contrary to the supposed "science" behind SBS was not presented at the trial. Judge Gants even went beyond just issuing a ruling to provide legal advice to attorneys seeking to represent their clients against SBS claims. So now the question remains: If these parents have had their children removed illegally, and many of these parents have wrongly been convicted and incarcerated, should doctors who are responsible for these injustices be tried in a court of law for their crimes? An important case was heard last year in the Ninth Circuit Court, which ruled that Dr. Claudia Wang, the medical director of UCLA’s Suspected Child Abuse and Negligence (SCAN) team, does not have immunity from civil lawsuits, may have set an important legal precedent.

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  • Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts Opens the Legal Door to Retry All Shaken Baby Syndrome Convictions

    Right and how does on go about repairing the lives of a man who previous to being charged with this made up crime never had a criminal record. HE gets an ADA that is hell bent on proving guilt where none exists. Proving that this innocent parent is guilty of the unthinkable! The parent won't make a deal so the ADA can settle this easy and get her promotion. SO she has friends in the jail put this parent in the Gang unit. What happens when an individual has a LAZY lets make a deal PUBLIC DEFENDER LAWYER who when the defendant is brought before the court on a dangerous hearing says nothing to the ADA's outright lies!!! He turns to the defendant after and says " Hey You aren't my only case you know!!" The defendant is held on a 90 day dangerous charge which amounts to over 2 years!!! and in that two years is held in the Gang unit. Everyone knows when you are placed in the Gang unit you either join the Gang or DIE!!! The defendant survives the 2 years because he does what he has to. And so this innocent parent picks up charges while being held on this trumped up 90 day dangerous hearing charge. And if he wasn't involved in an incident that happened in the unit the ADA told the guards to "MAKE SURE" his name is on any indictment that involves that GANG.

    And even when the innocent parent is re-indicted by a newly reconvened grand jury he is held for over 90 days without due process. IS anything done about this clear and indisputable violation of his civil rights??? NO nothing is done. His New Bar Advocate attorney convinces this innocent parent to go for a bench trial with a judge that use to be a PROSECUTOR!!!! of course the new lawyer never tells his client this!!!

    The case is lost before it ever begins. IT was all a show. This innocent parents child is at the time of the trial a Healthy Normal 3 year old child that has been legally kidnapped by DCF and gifted to A Foster Mother's Daughter and son in law. This Foster Mother has made a deal with DCF that she will commit perjury as long as her daughter will be able to have this NORMAL BOY!!! After all they have been waiting years for a NORMAL WHITE MALE CHILD!!!

    The hospital knew the child had hydrocephalus and that he was misdiagnosed at Beverly hospital. Dr. Newton also knew that the Grand Mother and Father has told Boston Children's there was a family history of Hydrocephalus. In fact DR. Newton was reminded about this information right after she committed perjury during the trial about the family history. She informed the ADA about her forgetfulness and right away the ADA has her 2nd Family emergency during this innocent parents trial!!! She requests a two week break and of course the Judge allows it. During that time the ADA and DR Alice Newton go through the child's Medical records and REMOVE any and all notes of the Family giving that information to the Doctors when the child was first admitted and then on the 2nd day of the child's hospitalization!!! When the trial resumes they tell the Parents attorney that they have gotten the records all set for the Judge and does he want to look them over??? What does this Bar Advocate Attorney say to this Lying, Corrupt, Overzealous ADA? He says "NO! I TRUST YOU!!!"

    And at that point I knew My Nephew DANIEL GREEN would be found GUILTY!!! GUILTY of a CRIME that never happened. GUILTY of a crime made up by the ADA, BCH, Dr. Alice NEWTON, And DCF!!!!

    And I knew that Judge would find him guilty even though she kept saying she was the FACT FINDER!!! NO SHE WAS NOT!!!! She was in fact A VERY CLOSE FRIEND OF ESSEX COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY BLODGETT! Who was demanding a WIN on this particular case!!!!

    DANIEL GREEN WAS GIVEN 9-15 years at SHIRLEY MAX!!! With the threat from the ADA that if other prisoners found out why he was there, WELL he might end up getting hurt.

    Daniel has been there almost 5 months and has been a model prisoner, Never being written up, no fights, no problems what so ever. I start calling around trying to find out where his transcripts are and why they are being with held!!! I call the Governors office and the Aid there contacts DCF and mentions Daniels son, Brandon and the fact that I am again complaining. The DCF Social worker contacted Karen Hopwood the Prosecuting ADA. She contacts Shirley MAX finds out Danny is NOT the DANGEROUS person she swore in Court he was!!! SO she gets one of her Guard friends at Middleton to contact a guard at Shirley and they arrange to have Danny set up.

    Here's the set up. First thing Tuesday morning they bust into his cell and pull him and his cell mate out. They go right to Daniels mattress flip it over and there right in the center is a opening clear as day with a plastic shiv in it!!! Really!!! Not even hidden. A really large rip straight down the center of the mattress!!!

    OK so Daniel and his Cell mate go to Seg pending an investigation. During this time Daniels Cell mate takes the blame for the Shiv. Now that should be the end of it! And normally it would be!!! But NOT in this case. Daniel is still being held, because now they are investigation him claiming he set his cell mate up!!! Now why would they do this to these two prisoners. Why make an exception to these two prisoners?? I would call and ask but that will make it worse for Daniel. The whole time he has been up there he has had things stolen from him by the guards. He can't complain and neither can we!!! That will make it worse for him.

    SO now getting back to the Issue at hand!!!

    IF Daniel Green Survives and makes it out of Shirley MAX ALIVE!!!! (That means DA Blodgett doesn't get what he has wanted all along). And is allowed a new trial or someone actually comes to their sense and realizes that there was NEVER anything wrong with his son except for the fact that he suffered from the same condition his grand Uncle Thomas Cavanaugh had, which was Hydrocephalus of the Brain! And so all charges are Dropped against Daniel Green. Someone tell me and his FAMILY!!! HOW THE HELL ARE WE SUPPOSE TO FORGET THIS INJUSTICE?? HOW DO WE GET BRANDON BACK?????? DOES ANYONE BELIEVE FOR ON INSTANT OF A SECOND THAT WE WILL FORGET ALL THAT HAS BEEN DONE HERE?????


  • Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts Opens the Legal Door to Retry All Shaken Baby Syndrome Convictions

    Yes they must all be held accountable for their part in wrongful convictions. Innocent people lives are now ruined. Compensation for victims must come directly from their own pocket plus state plus judges.