• “Consult Your Doctor” on Vaccines? Medical Doctors Receive Little to No Training on Vaccines in Medical School

    There exists a general belief among the public that medical doctors are “experts” with regard to vaccines. Newspaper and magazine articles and medical and public health websites frequently advise that, when it comes to vaccination, people should “consult your doctor.“ The counsel is the equivalent of the “ask your doctor” to which TV viewers have grown accustomed to hearing at the conclusion of advertisements for prescription drugs. The underlying assumption is that doctors have received considerable vaccine education and training when they attended medical school—so much, in fact, that they merit the public’s belief that they are indeed experts on the subject and that they can be trusted to provide accurate, scientifically based information. But is it right to assume that is true? Do medical school students learn a lot about vaccine science, history, and ethics?

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  • “Consult Your Doctor” on Vaccines? Medical Doctors Receive Little to No Training on Vaccines in Medical School

    Can someone help me? I need to find an article that talks about the specific dangers of receiving a vaccine that you have already been vaccinated for.

    People are trying to tell me that it is not harmful to my children to have been vaccinated without the doctor having prior knowledge as to what vaccines they had already received. It is a complicated story. But, someone else has temporary custody of my children. They took my children to the doctor not knowing what vaccines my children had already received and had the doctors vaccinate them anyway. Now, I need to find medical proof that what they did endangered my children because people are trying to tell me it doesn't matter if they were double vaccinated. I can't use something that speaks to the general dangers of vaccinations. I need something that is specific to the dangers of receiving a vaccine on top of another one that you had already been vaccinated for. Can anyone help me?

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