• 13 Year-old Teenage Girl Dies 5 Days After Receiving the HPV Vaccine

    A teenage girl has died just five days after being given the cervical cancer vaccine after doctors dismissed her illness as a stomach bug and even branded her a 'lazy child' before sending her home. Shazel Zaman, 13, was suffering with a severe headache, vomiting and dizziness after having the HPV vaccine and her symptoms became so severe that her family took her to the Hospital. But the family claim that a doctor dismissed her condition was linked to the cervical cancer vaccine and sent her home citing a stomach bug. She was found collapsed and unconscious with no pulse an hour later at her home, and died in hospital four hours later. Her family believe her death is linked directly to the cervical cancer vaccine.

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  • 13 Year-old Teenage Girl Dies 5 Days After Receiving the HPV Vaccine

    Try the website for National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) dot org - they provide very specific information regarding particular diseases and vaccines.

  • 13 Year-old Teenage Girl Dies 5 Days After Receiving the HPV Vaccine

    Can someone help me? I need to find an article that talks about the specific dangers of receiving a vaccine that you have already been vaccinated for.

    People are trying to tell me that it is not harmful to my children to have been vaccinated without the doctor having prior knowledge as to what vaccines they had already received. It is a complicated story. But, someone else has temporary custody of my children. They took my children to the doctor not knowing what vaccines my children had already received and had the doctors vaccinate them anyway. Now, I need to find medical proof that what they did endangered my children because people are trying to tell me it doesn't matter if they were double vaccinated. I can't use something that speaks to the general dangers of vaccinations. I need something that is specific to the dangers of receiving a vaccine on top of another one that you had already been vaccinated for. Can anyone help me?

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