Hello, here is a post that I wrote up for the Ausia Branch and Jarvis Evans story that recently appeared on MK.

Lynelle, thank you for inviting me to the group. I would like to see all of the KY families that have their stories on MK joining in.

For this family (and all families in KY),
We are also in KY and are waiting to share our story with medical kidnap. I hope you will see this message. Please go to clsnet.org for a list of Christian attorneys who may be willing to represent you. Go to The Rutherford Institute and put in a request for legal assistance. Go to Liberty Counsel and put in a request there also.

Here is the number to report misconduct of a judge in KY: 502 564 1231 Judicial Conduct Commision

There need to be federal lawsuits filed against the state of KY.

Call Rand Paul's office in Bowling Green and ask to talk to Stacey 270 782 8303 Tell her that you want Rand Paul to know that you are a citizen of KY and that your parental rights are being violated. Don't listen to their excuse that he can't do anything because it is a state issue and because it is in the courts. Tell her that you want him to be informed because he is a supporter of the Parental Rights Amendment (see parentalrights.org 540 751 1200). Also, go to his website and tell your story and that you want him to defend your constitutional rights. Here is the link (use this one, not the randpaul.com) https://www.paul.senate.gov/connect/email-rand Do you live in Bowling Green? Senator Paul lives in B.G. and his office is there.

Also contact as many representatives and councilmen as you can for your state. Contact your mayor. Contact constituent services in the Governor's office. Here is the contact for constituent services: Tom Summers 502 290 6785 his email is tom.summers@ky.gov His supervisor is Jon Park email jon.park@ky.gov (502) 564-2611 Ex. 324 The person in charge of Family Services in KY is Angela Hockensmith. Her number is 502 564 7042 email angelad.hockensmith@ky.gov The omsbudsman in Frankfort contact is Jessica Tumey Jessica.tumey@ky.gov 502 564 5497 call her with complaints of the way CPS is operating. Insist that you be heard. Insist that Governor Bevin be told what is going on (don't listen to the "it's in the courts" excuse). He can still be told whether it is in the courts or not. You want the Governor of your state to know of the heinous crime being committed against you.

Now that medicalkidnap has published your story contact the alternate news agencies and try to get them to publish the article. Here is the direct contact for Patrice Lewis at World Net Daily (wnd.com) Patrice@patricelewis.com and plewis@wnd.com See if she can get you in contact with the person in charge of publishing news about parental rights being violated. Don't give up. The story needs to get out. Also, contact Infowars.com,The Blaze (Glenn Beck), Hannity at Fox news, drudgereport.com I don't have direct contacts for these at the moment because, as you were doing, we are still waiting to put our story in the media. Also, parentalrights.org has a section where they publish stories. Their contact again is parentalright.org 540 751 1200 Ask for Melanie or Michael Ramey Michael@parentalrights.org and info@parentalrights.org They can also send you a document that is an exhaustive list for legal aid.

Here is the contact for the journalist at The Courier Journal that covers CPS cases. Send her a link to your medicalkidnap story. Ask her to please cover your story so that the community of KY can know what is happening to parents in this state. DYETTER@louisvil.gannett.com Her name is Debby Yetter. Here is an alternate email, but the first one is the one she wrote to me directly dyetter@courier-journal.com If you can't get her, here is the email of the lady who originally put me in contact with her sewarren@gannett.com (Her name is Beth Warren).

Here is the regional contact for Social Services in KY: Angie Cornett 502 595 5751 ext. 5264 angie.cornett@ky.gov
I was told that if I felt that my children were in danger in the custody of who they had been placed then for me to make a call to the hotline and report them. The number is 1 877 597 2331

Also, whatever insurance has been used for the children, get the number for their integrity program for fraud and abuse and report the hospitals and doctors that have been falsely diagnosing your children. The number for fraud/abuse of Medicaid in KY is 877 228 7384

Here is another site I have heard of but have yet to look at it: nationallibertyalliance.org

I hope that all of the parents in KY who are being abused by the KY Cabinet for Health and Family Services will start making these calls to the Governor, the Senators, the Representatives, and the Councilmen so that they will not be able to ignore our voices any longer. Our children are being hurt by this agency and they need to be stopped.