• Darwinism: the Meaninglessness of Life and of Death

    In a video on YouTube, University of Chicago evolutionary biologist Jerry Coyne states that science has demonstrated that "the universe and life are pointless....Pointless in the sense that there is no externally imposed purpose or point in the universe. As atheists this is something that is manifestly true to us. We make our own meaning and purpose." He went on to say: "Evolution is the greatest killer of belief that has ever happened on this planet because it showed that some of the best evidence for God, which was the design of animals and plants that so wonderfully matched their environment could be the result of this naturalistic, blind materialistic process of natural selection." Coyne is by no means alone in claiming Darwinism, with its insistence that all organisms have arisen through chance events (mutations) without plan or purpose, leads logically to the position that human life has no meaning or purpose. In my book The Death of Humanity: And the Case for Life, I provide many examples of evolutionary biologists and other intellectuals who argue Darwinism sweeps away the benighted notion that human life has meaning.

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  • Darwinism: the Meaninglessness of Life and of Death

    Natural selection is not an evolutionary mechanism - it does not add any information like DNA to the surviving creature - the surviving animal has the same DNA it started with and its survival will not change it into another species which is what evolution is supposed to do. The evolutionary scientists have not even worked out a credible hypothesis for evolution and there is not one iota of evidence that evolution from a single cell started of this miraculous process .

    There should be trillions of intermediates either fossiliser or still alive today but there is none.

    Plus there is no mechanism that would change the genome of say a cow or deer into a whale . Cosmic rays hitting the sperm DNA in the right place say a billion or two times - and not interfering with whats already evolved - ??

    This is certifiable lunacy.

    What about the mysterious "genetic drift " who drifts the DNA ? The dog species has bred a billions of times and what do we get - DOGS very different but never leaving their species and flying like birds or catching squid like whales.