• Whistleblower in LA County DCFS Reveals Corruption in Child Kidnapping

    This is National Child Abuse Month and we have Tammi Stefano, host of the National Safe Child Show joined by a CPS whistleblower (whose identity remains hidden to protect them) that has worked with the Department of Children and Family Services in LA County for over a decade coming forward now to reveal egregious corruption within the department. This social worker has come forward after being privy to a case where they saw that court ordered family visits were impeded by the department allegedly in an effort to manipulate the judges' ruling in favor of adopting out the child instead of reunification with the family by making it appear that the family was not choosing to visit their child, among other things. This whistleblower says that this family is a safe and loving family who has done nothing wrong, yet they are suffering at the hand of a corrupt system, a system that is right now seeing some of its own social workers criminally prosecuted by Los Angeles D.A. Jackie Lacey in the Gabriel Fernandez death. A department that during business as usual allegedly accepts "orders for children"--taking children away from their loving families to adopt them out for financial gain--while on the other hand is caught ignoring the cries of a young boy being tortured to death may not be a department that works in the best interest of children and their families.

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  • Whistleblower in LA County DCFS Reveals Corruption in Child Kidnapping

    My family has been abuse and abused by social workers. It just doesn't stop. The systems are corrupt from Kansas to California.

    When I was 10, my youngest sister (6 at the time, now 16) fell back on a bed and broke her arm. It was in such a way that Doctor's believed it to automatically mean child abuse (Thankfully my father who has a Phd in physics took the liberty to read scientific papers that stated that the spiral fracture no longer should automatically mean child abuse). The police were called to the scene, and as a result, me and my two sisters were taken to the police station. We have video records of the police coercing my sister for 1 1/2 hours to say that my parents were child abusers. Later the case was thrown out the window.

    Despite the case being thrown out the window, severe damage was done to my family. (Years later, a Pyschoatrist reviewed the video and has attempted to press charges against those who wronged my family. It's unlikely anything will change (though it might have cost a certain person who was running for a local office, the election).

    My mom lost her day care practice. My parents paid thousands and thousands in lawyer fees. Furthermore, because of the extreme stress, my father had to spend another year in graduate school (Monetary value in total lost for my family could easily be argued to be above 100,000$).

    The nightmares didn't end there.

    When we moved to California, we discovered that my sister's friend was really being abused. Unfortunatly, they knew what happened to us in Kansas, and decided to make the case that my parents abused the kids, instead of them. Of course this idea was thrown out the window.

    Fast forward several years, now my parents have this "record" with the Ventura county Social services (Of alleged child abuse that was always thrown out the window).

    My parents, unable to have children, decide to do foster care. BIG MISTAKE. Never let social workers in your lives. We encountered one social worker who decided to throw one accusation after another that my parents were abusing 2 toddlers.

    First, my mother was accused of being neglectful because there were bruises on one of the toddlers. They convenintly ignored a few facts.

    1. The child had anemia (which they didn't tell us).

    2. They themselves said that the child was uncordinated

    3. There are 4 adults in the house that can watch them AT ALL TIMES. We always had at least one watching them. This includes my self, my sister, and two parents. The other child is 16. We are not the typical partier college kids ether.

    Again a certain social worker accused my parents of having "safety concerns in the home"

    1. Days earlier, licencing decided our house was perfectly safe. All we had was a coord from our fridge to an outlet because our circuit breaker was broken.

    Now my mother and father are having their licenses revoked because one of the toddlers grabbed some medication off of the table when my mother turned her back. (Yet she fished it out of his mouth imediatly).

    What's wrong with our license being taken away? It's an end to the nightmare isn't it? Wrong.
    My mother's dream is to get back into working with special ed kids. A question asked is if you ever have had a license taken away. Thanks social workers. Your great wisdom, and ability to perceive abuse has struck again. I hope that you are happy Mrs. Monica. May your heart rest in peace.

    Also, it is noteworthy to post that these allegations of abuse happened after we had serious complaints about them moving these two toddlers to yet another home. They already had been to 3 homes in the past few months. It's ridicules. They ruin kids lives and don't give a care in the world.

  • Whistleblower in LA County DCFS Reveals Corruption in Child Kidnapping

    I just wanted to add....don't give up. The TRUTH will set you (and your children) free.


    I don't know about the legitimacy of this class action suit, I am still looking into it. They are supposed to file it in July.

    Mommy Love

    No Longer Ignored...
  • Whistleblower in LA County DCFS Reveals Corruption in Child Kidnapping

    William, I am so sorry for what is happening to you.

    I would recommend looking at parentalrights.org

    and Nationallibertyalliance.com

    I have run into 3 families on Medical Kidnap in the last few days from CA. It would be good if someone from CA could start a CA group here on MK, so that you could share resources for your state. There is a groups tab at the top of the page.

    Mommy Love

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  • Whistleblower in LA County DCFS Reveals Corruption in Child Kidnapping

    Im not a whistleblower but I believe the same L A D C S F office is and has been terrorizing my family for almost five years. Im a 60 yr. old disabled father of five . Three at home ,two are veterans also college grads . In 2011 my youngest was kidnapped at birth put on methadone .Then after 3 days the Dr.s said whoops are mistake kept my son for seven more days .Then he was returned to his mother and I .Both of us where drug screened The kids mother was ordered out of the home Kangaroo court Jumping through hoops year after year fake warrants Then after our 16 yr old was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes within 3 months D C S F came with two pieces of paper they called warrants and the P D just said its ok. after the police department called for back up nine crusiers 13 officers later the D C S F CHILD abusers walked away with my 3 kids .The little guy was mentally and physically abused my daughter said she was ok cause she went straight to a foster home my 16 yr. old has yet to come home and they have no reason for what they have done to my children.any one that would read all of the we,ll just say papers will be shocked at what we,ve been through a real home torn apart .The peaple who have had a hand in this terrorist act need to be judged harshly. I hope thers a good lawyer out there that can help us We have spent over 30,000. for nothing