Hello, I am a sheep in a wolves den. What I mean is that I am an alternative medicine thinker working in an ICU. I am currently pursuing a degree as a NP and the hospital I work for is supplementing the funds. Problem is I am ethically torn daily and am beginning to be looked as a threat I believe. I have been talked to about my Facebook posts regarding information regarding vaccines, food and medicine being the cause of our vast chronic illnesses and have changed my name and disaffiliated myself with any facility. My problem especially with all the talk of the AMA cracking down on professionals who allow alternative thinking etc, is should I continue along this path or find an alternative route such as a chiropractic degree or such where I can learn what I believe and with those with similar thinking? Its gotten to where I am scared to put anything out there on fb but I feel so strongly that we are being fooled. Any help with this> Thanks, Laura