• Unapproved but Effective Cancer Cures

    The conventional cancer treatment system and the pharmaceutical companies that control it are dedicated to limiting the development of all other forms of cancer treatment. They have a chokehold on the development of alternative treatments, and they ruthlessly work together with the US FDA and various US government cancer research funding agencies to prevent new treatments from being approved for use by physicians. The reason is that most alternative cancer treatments are much less expensive than surgery, radiation, and chemo. They are also more effective and have many fewer (if any) unwanted side effects. The great fear of the pharmaceutical industry, and the vast cancer treatment system that it controls, is that a non-patentable and inexpensive cure for cancer might put them out of business. Sadly, these organizations exist to turn a profit from cancer treatment, which is measured in the billions of dollars every year. They are in the business of treating cancer not curing it. Alternative treatments for cancer have a history of curing cancer and it is this fact that big pharma wants to hide from the American public. Historically, many successful approaches have been developed for curing cancer. We give a review of many of the most popular ones here.

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  • Unapproved but Effective Cancer Cures

    Kreis said:

    Good Morning, My brother was diagnosed with stage 4 Throat cancer last fall and shortly thereafter started a rigorous 35/3 radiation/chemo treatment regimen. As others will attest, it is a very painful ordeal with long lasting side effects coming from the radiation primarily. Radiation has been called, rightly so, the gift that keeps on giving. Stan is two(2) months into his recovery and he now believes that he moved too quickly into his cancer treatment protocol. He lives in Oregon which gives him access to medical cannabis. He is supplementing his treatment with the Rick Simpson cannabis oil and wishes he had tried it before now, it was provided to by him and started treatment immediately He is now CANCER FREE. Cannabis does have curative properties and that it receives negative press due to the stigma of marijuana. He does not smoke the cannabis, rather he ingests concentrated cannabis oil. God bless you Rick.

    And is he still cancer free today 4/10/2017? send me more info, please.