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    Twins medical kidnaped

    In March one of our grandchildren got sick and went to the hospital . Instead of being released from the hospital the mother was approached by a social worker and told that the child could not go home and that the mother was to return home and get her twin sister and bring her to the hospital as well . Although the child at home had not had any issues. The reasoning was that the medical company had pulled out. Our hearts were ripped out. Long story short. Or girls were sent from the hospital to a state facility for abused children and the girls were never abused. We also found several false statements in the records. We went for a judicial hearing where the judge ordered that the girls we not abused or neglected and that the order was for dependancy. As we are waiting to be called into court that day . We were approached by the social worker that the girls were being sent to a foster 3 counties away. When the judge was ready for his ruling that day the judge ask the social worker what was the condition of the girls. The social worker replied that they were being released to a foster home . The judge ask what type of care that they getting at this foster home. The social worker replied I don't know I don't have the papers with me. So our girls went to the foster home that day. The girls were released with NO Nursing care. And the social worker got the hospital to write an order for nursing three days later when the hospital doctor had not seen the girls for six weeks. We found a company that would provide skilled nursing and the doctor would not send the information to the company and would not write the order so the could be assessed. We found private nursing to and the doctor refused saying that they nurses had to be licensed and insured thru a nursing company. But the doctor said that a medical fragile day care would work for the nursing that we need but we would have to up root and mover the family of four to another state where they know no one with no job no housing. We have found a medical fragile daycare that plans to open thirty mile from our home. I have a recording of the social worker admitting that she new the day of the judicial hearing that the girls we going to the foster home with no nursing care what so ever. Our girls have been in the ER more while at this foster home that they ever were at home. Needless to we feel that the doctor and the social worker in this case has kidknaped our girls. Our family is so torn the girls have two sibling that are four and five and my son and the girls mother ( who will most likely never have more children) and (these are her only two biological children) have missed the girls taking their first steps they have missed Easter, Mothersday, Fathersday and all the holidays thru thanksgiving and even their second birthday. Our heart is breaking and we pray that no family would ever have to go thru this. Nannie
  • Twins medical kidnaped

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