• Is Kentucky The Most Corrupt State in the Country Trafficking Children Through Child "Protection" Services?

    Health Impact News and MedicalKidnap.com has previously reported how the FBI saying that Kentucky is “the most corrupt state in the country,” and urged families to share their stories involving alleged corruption in their dealings with Child Protective Services, or the Department for Community Based Services (DCBS), as it is known in Kentucky. It appears that corruption in Kentucky continues to run deep and wide.

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  • Is Kentucky The Most Corrupt State in the Country Trafficking Children Through Child "Protection" Services?

    We are working with a news station as we speak. We have a Facebook page "CPS Corruption and Hardin County Families". We are banning togethervto sue CPS and fix Family Court. Please check out our page and contact me.

    Becky Rogers

  • Is Kentucky The Most Corrupt State in the Country Trafficking Children Through Child "Protection" Services?

    Tonia- said:

    I went through this with Hardin County CPS not once but 3 different times. I did all and everything they asked only to be told that with there forensic mental health assessment that i had narcissistic tendency yet while i was in therapy and after the therapist read the report he literally laughed (mind you i have no ideal what the report says as even to this day im not allowed to see it) and told me that it was a crock of crap that i have none of what this woman was claiming and the father of my last 5 children his therapist also said the same about him....but they was just blown off as their opinions did not matter...CPS just kept dragging out the case until they could terminate our rights on at this time was 4 children with our last child almost year after the case was closed they came in the hospital room and served me papers and took her from me as well as the court papers read she was being abused from the moment she was born which she wasnt but thats what they used and they already had someone lined up to adopt her. There is a whole lot to the story but all this started in 2000 with 3 other children and only 2 of them was adopted out cause the foster family (who did come to me and tell me they only wanted my youngest son at the time and if i let them have him i could have his older brother back foster mom had a sister that worked for CPS) had already filed for adoption way before my case was changed. But the CPS worker in the end lost everything i had done just to win the termination hearing this was at the time they was being investigated by John Boyle. Once you are in their system they never let you go...I was even told by the Judge that had i been a drug addict an alcoholic or had mental issues i could get my kids back but since i didnt she was terminating our rights....oh by the way they also told us had i left their father i couldve got them back and they also told this to the children's father as well. They had no intentions of giving us our kids back just like they had no intentions of giving my older 2 sons back either. They just want that money in their pockets and most CPS workers dont even have children of their own but they know better than us parents cause a book tells them so.
    Really wish i had the money cause i could have fought them and won but who has that kind of cash to hire a lawyer with a minimum $5000 retainer


    We have a news station that is willing to help investigate CPS and Hardin County. We are trying to get a lawyer and fight CPS with a lot of people that have lost their kids. There is a facebook page 'CPS Corruption and Hardin County Families' . We are all suffering at the hands of CPS and Family Court judges. Please contact me if you want to join us!