• Arizona Judges Continue to Threaten Parents and Restrict Free Speech

    Family court in Arizona has threatened another family with a gag order, and forced them to contact Health Impact News asking us to take down their story, exposing what is happening in Arizona in abusing parental rights. Health Impact News and MedicalKidnap.com will not comply with this request.

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  • Arizona Judges Continue to Threaten Parents and Restrict Free Speech

    Judge Pamala Svoboda ordered me to stop posting on my blogs and my Facebook about my case last November. I refused knowing the truth had to get out there if I am ever going to see my little boy again. CRIMINAL CONTEMPT CHARGES WERE THEN FILED AGAINST ME BY THIS JUDGE AND THE ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE WAS BROUGHT IN TO HELP PROSECUTE. ALL OF A SUDDEN JUDGE SVOBODA WAS OFF THE CASE AND I HAD A PUBLIC DEFENDER NOW THAT JAIL WAS IN MY FUTURE.

    Judge Kevin Wein was just appointed by our Governor Doug Ducey and my case is now in his court. My trial was postponed twice and Assistant Attorney General Tarah White prepared her pre-trial statement against me with only 48 hours to spare before it began on April 25, 2018.

    I was facing over 90 counts of CRIMINAL CONTEMPT for texting my son daily for the 17 months we have been kept apart. I love you, I miss you, Happy Easter, Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday....all came with xoxo and signed Mama.

    My trial began with Judge Wein and all the lawyers meeting in chambers for over an hour while I sat in the courtroom alone not allowed to defend myself in the secret deal made between my public defender and 5 lawyers who wanted me kept quiet. When my trial resumed my lawyer gave me no choice as she told me to plead guilty to 11 counts and take the 5.5 years in jail that came with it. Jail would be deferred IF I PROMISED NEVER TO WRITE ABOUT THIS CASE ANYWHERE ONLINE AND NEVER CONTACT MY SON AGAIN. MY BLOG WOULD HAVE TO COME DOWN AS WOULD MY FACEBOOK PAGE ABOUT THIS CASE. MY ACTIVITY ONLINE AND ALL ATTEMPTS TO CONTACT MY SON WOULD BE MONITORED FOR A COURT ORDERED STATUS HEARING HELD EVERY 3 MONTHS TO DISCUSS MY COMPLIANCE.

    Judge Wein read off each text message and asked me if I was guilty? Of course I was and admitted it freely. Texting my son 'I love you George' was now a crime as were the remaining 10 counts I pled guilty to that morning. I was fingerprinted right there in the courtroom in front of the lawyers and my ex-husband as they "high fived" each other and congratulated themselves on their victory. All of the players and I would meet in that same courtroom only a month later as I was accused quickly of violating the court order.

    In the Order to Appear from Judge Wein the same 5 lawyers accused me of leaving a 3 minute voicemail on my sons phone where I told him about my day in court. The voicemail came from my phone number and was recorded where I could be heard telling my George every detail of the trial. I had violated the court order and my punishment was a unanimous decision by the lawyers and in my sons best interest...5.5 years flat time in jail. The very busy Maricopa County Family Court set my trial date of the following week.

    I never made this phone call. I had the proof in my cellphone call log from my provider and the many apps on the Android Smartphone that track your activity without the need to download. I had made a promise to the court and I stuck to it knowing I couldn't do my son any good from jail. I was bullied into submission but without a lawyer I had no chance to appeal the decision. I could never afford a lawyer and niether could Community Legal Services who told me the funding needed to fight the Public Defenders Office was not there and turned down my case. My Public Defender was too busy to take my calls that week before my trial and when she showed up to represent me that morning I handed her my call log I planned to use as my only defense.

    Judge Wein listened to an hour of testimony before the "recording" was finally played. Three CD players were brought to the courtroom in that hour one by one as the CD wouldn't play in any of them. The winning player played a recording of the teacher we all remember from the Charlie Brown Specials. Peanuts-like sounds of "wha wha wha wha" into a megaphone played as evidence for less than 3 minutes as the judge told them to shut it off half-way through and called the lawyers to the bench for a discussion. In the Order to Appear the lawyers claimed mohave hearths CD and agreed it proved I was guilty. They agreed my punishment should be jail because of what was on this CD. After a short sidebar Judge Wein found there was not enough evidence to convict me and the State had not proved their case.

    The dream team should have been charged with perjury over this CD as they all kept their heads down while Judge Wein ordered me to take my sons phone number out of my phone and warned me I would serve that 5.5 years flat time if I called George by mistake or "butt dailed" my son until he was 18 years old. What about the lawyers who brought me to court that day swearing that CD would put me in jail? No "high fives" that morning.

    My fight to bring my son home continues. Yesterday I filed a Motion to Dismiss this case from the very beginning. Without a word from my son in 17 months, not one glance at his smile 510 days I am sure his mental and physical health is in danger. George lives with the very lawyers who broke every law and committed perjury 17 months ago in a Hearing Held Without Notice to make sure I was not in the courtroom to object to all of it. George would have never left his home with me had the judge heard from anyone else but the 3 lawyers that morning. I have never had one day in court to present my case or evidence. Yesterday I was again denied a hearing as the judge did not think my case was an emergency. He is giving the other side 20 days to respond to my Motion. My son and I will spend at least 20 more days in the dark not knowing what has happened to the other. That is child abuse.

    I was George's mother for 15 years and 9 months before that. George lived with me, loved by me his whole life. I was granted sole custody in my divorce 6 years ago. We had a beautiful home where George was happy, healthy and growing up so fast into a young man I was so proud of. His teachers loved him as he was always a good student. He was very popular not only at school but in our community as a enthusiastic Boy Scout, blogger and President of his research club at the Phoenix Public Library. Not one day went by without George checking in at home even when on camping trips with Boy Scouts he would call to tell me all about his day. He was a mama's boy but nothing is wrong with that but it does add to the fear of the days and months that have passed with no word from my son.

  • Arizona Judges Continue to Threaten Parents and Restrict Free Speech

    I say do an expose on these judges (and CPS workers) who commit and allow these heinous acts to continue against innocent (young) families. I would love to see articles on these judges and their histories of attacking and breaking up families and sentencing children to hell in the foster "care"/adoption system. The more we talk about these servers of satan, the more people will be used to hearing their names and maybe kicked off the bench when election time comes or at the very least, put pressure on their bosses who allow this to continue.
  • Arizona Judges Continue to Threaten Parents and Restrict Free Speech

    It is just an unbelievably, horrible thing that this can happen to these families! I cannot imagine their suffering, because I know how I feel about this and they aren't my children... I pray to everything holy that these families are reunited and that these unchecked balances of power are eliminated!
  • Arizona Judges Continue to Threaten Parents and Restrict Free Speech

    The Governor won't help, he's a director of Banner Health System, a group of hospitals with 35,000 employees, and he was with Proctor