• Kentucky is Being Investigated for Corruption: Will the State’s Sordid History of Legal Kidnapping Finally be Punished?

    As part of the “End Corruption Now Campaign,” the FBI began an investigation into public corruption in Kentucky, just after a recent Harvard study identified Kentucky as “one of the most corrupt states in the country.” The FBI website noted that between 2003 and 2012, approximately 300 individuals were convicted of federal crimes related to public corruption. MedicalKidnap.com has exposed many stories revealing the corruption within Kentucky's Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) and the unwarranted removal of children from loving homes. Many Kentucky families have shared their stories, revealing the unlawful overreach of these government agents into their lives, and the unjust kidnapping of their children for financial gain. One concerned mother, who is no stranger to the corruption within Kentucky DCBS, contacted Medical Kidnap asking us to urge all Kentucky families to share their personal concerns about the corruption in DCBS with the FBI in this current investigation.

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  • Kentucky is Being Investigated for Corruption: Will the State’s Sordid History of Legal Kidnapping Finally be Punished?

    Wilma-Cecil said:

    Owenton, Ky. Former City Chief of police gone down to bailif status uses excessive force on a 62 year old woman in the court house simply for her calmly and quietly telling him to kiss her a$.
    The woman who'd never been in any trouble with the law in her life went to the court house to get needed information from a childrens services case worker. The info was simply names for an ombudsman form. She'd been to children's service's across the street on Sept 27th 2019 to get a form for the ombudsman. She was informed after they found the form that it required several children's service's workers names. The worker at the office didn't know the needed information and told the grandma that the court had been adjourned and she could find the supervisor across the street at the courthouse.
    The grandmother went straight over and upon entering the nearly empty courtroom there was only a few case workers and the county attorney (prosecutor) in the room. They was laughing loudly and making lunch plans.
    The grandmother seeking to get her grandson back after a judge removed him for dependency and was caught in the judicial web all due to a judge who preferred to go a totally odd and harmful route with her already unsteady grandson. He had PTSD, ANXIETY, ADHD and had been in therapy since age 4.
    The grandson age 14 had lost his temper and shoved his grandma. She hoped the court would help to scare him straight and let him know its unacceptable behavior to strike out in anger. The grandmother had hoped court would make him see it was unacceptable. Instead a judge took him and placed him into a foster home assuring the grandmother that none of this was her fault and that he would not be sent where the grass was greener. However it certainly was greener. So there was going to be no lesson learned to her grandson. The foster caregiver worked nights. No one watched his grades. No one kept him in therapy. He played video games and stayed up extremely late. Further, he wasn't getting his medicines that the grandmother was aware of.
    The grandmother was told she would be involved with all matters and that her grandson could call and visit. These things didn't happen.

    When the grandma went into the adjourned court house she approached the small group from the bench behind them. She ask the case worker for the names of the supervisors needed on the form.

    A very arrogant bailiff approached the grandmother and ask her to leave as she was being "too loud".
    The worker was currently getting the grandma the needed info and no one had ask for the help or assistance of the bailif.
    The grandma told the balif that no one had ask for his help and to leave her be so she could get the information and leave.
    Apparently this embarrassed the bailif because he became very angry.
    He did however stop trying to make the grandma leave. After getting the needed information the grandma left the bench area and was exiting the isle out of the courtroom.
    The angry tough guy bailif was on her heels for no good reason.
    No warnings of arrest or anything came from him as she was exiting. He appeared to be intimidating her as she exited. He had gotten so close that had the grandma stopped he would have ran into her.
    The grandma slowed, forcing the balif to side step. She looked at the bully beside her and said quietly and calmly "you my friend can kiss my a$".
    The bailif became enraged and hit her so hard in the back that the 62 year old grandmother went flying through 2 court doors and was cuffed from behind forcefully. She wasn't warned or ask to stop.

    Another bailif witnessed the woman come flying through the doors from the blunt force used by the bailif and called out to the bailif who was cuffing her aggressively "what are you doing to her"?
    The nice bailif came and removed the far over tightened cuffs moving them to her front and double locking them as to relieve the pain and allow blood flow to her left hand.
    The bully bailiff said "I'm arresting her for disorderly conduct"!
    The polite balif ask, "what did she do"?
    The bullying bailif did not respond so the polite bailif turned to the grandmother and she told him that she'd simply told him to kiss her a$.
    This loving grandma was took to jail and spent the night.
    She was never ask to stop, nor was she told she was under arrest. She was denied a call to tell her father and husband where she was headed and her family looked for her for over an hour.
    The corrections officer at the jail ask the grandma what she'd done and the grandmother told her everything. The corrections officer also thought this to be ridiculous and treated the grandmother will care and respect.
    She was released the next day on o.r. bond and was trapped in court by the system to protect the bailif from prosecution.
    The grandma was told the chrage would be dismissed with probable cause. This meant no charges or civil litigation could be brought against the bullying bailif. Further she was told if she didn't agree that the county atty. said he had 12 witnesses to go against her.
    The grandmother was going to have to accept the type of dismissal that would protect the bailif or start shelling out money to fight the misjustice.
    Owen County, Ky. Has a corrupt officer and or court employees (if your not in the click your doomed to the prosecutor and his gang of friends).
    Not all are doing wrong. Just nearly all.
    Too boot and complete the bulk of this mess, her husband was a 32 year retired Police officer, a 32 year bailif out of Cincinnati. a sherriff, detective and a decorated purple heart Vietnam Veteran.
    Indeed my fellow Americans- we do need to police the police.....
    I'm open to suggestions and comments and any help I can get.
    The Grandma.

    I read every word that you wrote. I have no suggestions. However, I am so very outraged for you, and I do not doubt one word that you said. Writing all that out was very good of you, it was not wasted. Everyone reading what you wrote got educated. I personally wrote down "Owen County" as a place where injustice and corruption reign. God bless, and know that if there is no justice in this world, there will be in the next.