• Smart Meter Scandal in California? Emails Reveal CPUC May Have Known and Concealed Health Risks and Other Problems

    Josh Hart of Stop Smart Meters! is reporting that former California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) President Michael Peevey is currently the subject of a criminal probe by the U.S. Attorney and State Attorney General who are investigating allegations of bribery and corruption. CPUC allegedly assured the public that California's smart meters were accurate, were no fire hazard, and no threat to health. However, research into more than 120,000 e-mails and memos between CPUC and Pacific Gas and Electric (PG

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  • Smart Meter Scandal in California? Emails Reveal CPUC May Have Known and Concealed Health Risks and Other Problems

    Great article and timely. Thank you, Josh. I have been battling PG&E over harm to my health since 2012. We moved to a home in Fairfield, CA, in December, 2010. Within a few months I noticed worsened insomnia, severe gastric problems, severe fatigue with brain fog, short term memory problems, heart arrhythmias. I began investigating the issue and happened across an article re: potential harm from smart meters. An MD (integrative and functional medicine specialist) diagnosed me with EMF sensitivity.

    Battled PG&E for months to get them to replace the meter. They finally did it, and even though I was disabled, and my health was harmed by it, was forced to pay opt out fees for almost three years. Oh, and they were charging me opt out fees prior to the May, 2012 CPUC ruling, which I think may have been illegal.

    Health improved IMMEDIATELY when we got the smart meter removed. It was right next to my bedroom and office. No wonder I was sick!

    Then we moved to Sacramento, we paid opt out fees AGAIN. Now I have paid for almost five years. Have been battling them a third time since buying a home in Woodland, CA.

    I'm wanting them to pay back ALL the opt out fees since it's basically a form of extortion and their forcing these fees on disabled people violates their civil rights. (Or some legal experts would argue this.) AND I want them to pay back all the opt out fees past the three year period (if not all refunded due to my being disabled until late 2014).

    A CPUC expert told me "portability" is supposed to ensure any customer never pays opt out fees past a three year limit. The CPUC expert told me any opt out fees should carry forward, no matter where I may move, at least in California.

    Why is it every time I call PG&E they never recognize the CPUC's ruling on "portability"? Each and every time I call them I get some argumentive twit who cannot read and interpret the ruling properly. There IS a provision stating a customer cannot be charged more than one opt out fee per lcoation or account (one residence address). This is to ensure the customer cannot be charged more than one monthly fee - say, in the case of having separate gas and electric meters.

    The PG&E reps keep telling me this part of the ruling means they can charge you every time you move to a new location. How on EARTH can they interpret the verbiage that way? DOH! Can these people read and understand WRITTEN ENGLISH?

    I suspect some crooked PG&E management people have told them to tell the customer this.

    Am waiting to see what PG&E has to say to me now that the CPUC has contacted them re: the portability issue. I was told I could file a grievance/complaint if they don't refund the fees paid past the three year limit (cumulative). But the CPUC deferred to PG&E so I may not be out of the woods yet.

    Some of these people appear (or are) greedy, unethical monsters.

    Smart meters are a health and safety nightmare.

    PG&E is no doubt also going to try to gouge California consumers to pay for the infrastructure destroyed by the October, 2017 fires.

    I hope they are taken to task by some massive class action lawsuits SOON. And good riddance if they just go out of business! That being said, I have some former professors and friends who work or worked there in their Mission District headquarters. I don't want them to lose their jobs. But this company stinks and they deserve to be allowed to fail.

  • Smart Meter Scandal in California? Emails Reveal CPUC May Have Known and Concealed Health Risks and Other Problems

    How did you get the copies of the letters and emails from the CPUC and PG&E? We would love to get this information for Michigan.