Health Impact News Communities

A New Secure and Safe Social Experience!

The Online Communities of Health Impact News provide a new social platform that is secure and safe, networking like-minded people interested in topics not generally covered by the mainstream media.

Hosted entirely within the Health Impact News secure cloud, networking and secure chat is now possible with no personal data being collected and shared with advertisers or parties interested in knowing your identity.

To get started in harnessing the powerful social tools available in the Health Impact News Communities, one simply needs to register with an email address. Registration is completely free.

How Can the Health Impact News Communities be Used?


Communities are currently formed around the major topic areas of Health Impact News:

Articles published in these content areas can be commented on within these communities. Once you create an account in the communities, powerful tools become available for you to use to network with others. You can:

  • Find like-minded new friends
  • Communicate via secure chat
  • Start private or hidden groups that you control

The Health Impact News Communities FAQ

Away from prying eyes and shared personal data that characterizes today's major social media platforms, the possibilities are endless! You can form a hidden group and invite members you select to do things like evaluate doctors in your community who do or do not respect medical choice, learn which restaurants or food establishments offer up healthy food that will not poison your family, organize a local political campaign to stop Child Protection Services kidnapping children from innocent families, etc.

Start public topics requesting people to share information which can then spawn off into local topics or groups within your community. As an example, we have started a public topic in the Alternative Health Community asking people to refer healthcare practioners they have had good experiences with, and who respect medical freedom. See:

How to Find Healthcare Providers that Uphold Health Freedom

So join the Health Impact News Communities and make a difference in our culture today!