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    The USDA has released its final GMO labeling rule, and it’s not good. As we feared when the agency released its proposal earlier this year, the so-called GMO labeling law will apply only to a narrow set of foods. Congress and the USDA have offered a number of loopholes and exemptions to food companies, undermining any semblance of a consumer’s right to know. It’s as if the USDA asked the food industry to write the rule themselves.
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    For several years now Phoenix, Arizona has had the dubious distinction of being the #1 city in the U.S. for taking children away from their parents and placing them into state-funded foster care. Phoenix judges and CPS workers have consistently taken children out of homes and families and put them into harm's way at a higher percentage than any other city in the U.S. for the past several years. Health Impact News started their MedicalKidnap.com website in 2014 due mainly to the sheer volume of parents contacting us from Arizona and complaining about their children being medically kidnapped. However, based on public statistics compiled by the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform (NCCPR), Philadelphia has now overtaken Phoenix as the top city in the U.S. having the highest percentage of the children being removed from homes and put into foster care. NCCPR reports that Philadelphia has become so bad, that they now take children away from parents at triple the rate of New York City, and quadruple the rate of Chicago. Sadly, while Philadelphia has assumed the #1 position in the country for state-sponsored child kidnappings among large U.S. cities, this is a problem that affects ALL Americans in every city. This problem will continue to grow worse as long as there are billions of taxpayer dollars to fund the Child Welfare system incentivizing the removal of children from families to feed the foster care and adoption business that employs hundreds of thousands of government workers, whose jobs depend on taking children away from families.
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    Greg Cantin

    So, to be clear, can any of these named ingredients be used in foods certified as "Organic"?

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    In the summer of 2017, a malware virus mainly affecting the Ukraine, found its way onto the mainframe computer systems of Merck wreaking havoc for the company. According to the Wall Street Journal, the incident cost the pharmaceutical giant $670 million to remediate, but more importantly, it caused disruption to the production of two of Merck’s pediatric vaccines: Gardasil 9 (Human Papillomavirus) and Recombivax (Hepatitis B virus), vaccines to help prevent sexually transmitted infections. During the crisis, Merck borrowed from a CDC vaccine stockpile, in order to meet supply commitments for Gardasil 9. However, that was not the case with Recombivax, the Hepatitis B vaccine given to all babies beginning the first day of life. There is growing concern among some scientists about the aluminum adjuvant load in vaccines and its effects on the neurological health of children. Researchers are particularly concerned with Merck’s highly immunogenic adjuvant, Amorphous Aluminum Hydroxyphosphate Sulphate (AAHS). Gardasil and Recombivax are the only vaccines licensed to contain AAHS. We now have more than a year’s worth of data to examine since the attack in 2017 when Engerix-B was introduced. On average there were 29 deaths reported annually for fifteen years prior to the attack (2003 to 2017). In 2018 there were only 6 reported (to end of November 2018). Two of those deaths followed Recombivax.
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    Joanie said:

    Jtsmith said:

    Underground is an option. 5G and any other UHF signals do not penetrate solid earth. Not the nicest way to live but it works. This artical is slightly incorrect. The higher the frequency the less likely the signal will penetrate buildings. For example AM radio (kHz) stations travel for hundreds of miles while FM radio and cell phone towers (MHz) die off before that. 5G is millimeter so higher frequency. Not saying this will or will not hurt u but it is just physics.
    Now we know why the elite all have GINORMOUS underground bunkers.

    Yea, interesting innit?

    Rev 6 "15 Then the kings of he earth, the nobles, the commanders, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and free man, hid in the caves and among the rocks of the mountains. "

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    This is great information and very much on point. I am profoundly disappointed in the lack of attention being paid to this subject and article. You could liken it to the ignorance regarding cannabis oil and Parkinson's [not to mention cancer and a host of other ailments] I can only thank you for the wonderful job you have done in making this information available to those seeking actual facts vs the flow of propaganda; medical and otherwise, bombarding the public 24/7 and passing itself off as "information" or "news". At this point in human existence, it's probably good to be old...

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    Blood pressure medications are among Big Pharma's continual best-selling drugs. They are continually prescribed as people get older, when their blood pressure readings go up naturally, while Big Pharma lowers blood pressure reading standards to create more hypertension cases. Blood pressure drugs are a steady business that's often disrupted with recalls. Since November 2018 through just after the start of the New Year 2019, six blood pressure pharmaceuticals have been recalled, all for containing a carcinogenic compound known as N-nitrosodiethylamine (NDEA) in their active ingredient valsartan. NDEA is classified as a probable carcinogenic, a classification of group 2A, just one level below group 1, carcinogenic. Even the corporate-sponsored mainstream news outlets have published warnings about these recalls. Maybe it's time to look beyond pharmaceutical drugs to manage blood pressure.
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    Shalom said:

    I wish I could truly understand this. My mind gets it but not my heart. I seem to be stuck in my childhood narrative of "shoulds" -and "have to's" otherwise I would've been punished. That mindset has destroyed much in my life. The concept of having a choice to love, and without fear seems so freeing but unattainable. I keep reading everything on the topic hoping it clicks.

    Hi Shaloim,

    Sometimes I feel the same way, but then I have to remind myself that the Word of God says, "Of ourselves WE can do NOTHING." Even Jesus said, "Of my own self, I can do nothing, but it is the Father IN ME who does the works," (I may have missed a word or two there, but that is basically what it says). So I have found soooo many times in my life when I just COULD NOT FEEL my love going back towards Him, many times because of horrific circumstances I found myself in, but as soon as I realized that I was fighting a LOSING battle with MYSELF, I would say this to the Lord, "Lord, I have tried and failed so many times, and I know I should know better, but right now I am at the point where I have no other choice but to say, "IF YOU DON'T DO IT, IT WON'T GET DONE, BECAUSE EVEN YOU SAID THAT WITHOUT YOUR FATHER, EVEN YOU COULD DO NOTHING OF YOURSELF, SO LORD, I KNOW YOU ARE IN ME, SO PLEASE DO THIS THROUGH ME, AND LET ME KNOW THAT YOU RECEIVE MY INTENT AT LEAST TO TRY TO SHOW YOU THAT I DO LOVE YOU, EVEN THOUGH SOMETIMES I CAN'T FEEL IT." Then many times, before I have even finished saying that to the Lord, it's as if HE ALREADY knows the intents of my heart, and He allows me to feel that assurance that He does hear me, and He does know the intent of my heart - to love him, and sometimes with this assurance I feel something wonderful, and sometimes I don't really FEEL anything, but I still get an assurance that He does hear me, and that my prayer is answered. I don't know if that makes any sense to you, but that has been my own experience, and hopefully it can maybe help you in some small way, but in the end ... it is ALWAYS the Lord who has to do the work, because of ourselves, we can do NOTHING. And I KNOW that HE already knows the intent of your heart, but sometimes, for reasons not known to us, we have to wait on Him a while before we receive an answer, (faith for the substance of things hoped for), but He always answers, sometimes yes, sometimes no, and sometimes.... wait a while - it's not quite My, (HIS), time yet. Oh, and remember (you mentioned your childhood), try not to get your Heavenly Father mixed up with your earthly father, who was born into sin just like we were, and certainly does not have the same wisdom as your Heavenly Father - try not to compare the two, or you could set yourself back. God Bless you.