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    Trisha Holmeide

    Adminlf said:

    "Pray for my babies’ safety. Pray for their hearts

    It re-traumatizes those of us who've been through similar unjust, terrorizing situations with this renegade agency. My own experience has left me minus ten of my own grand children and nearly destroyed mentally, spiritually and physically. I want you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you, but all my financial capacity to help has been devastated by trying to save my own grand children over a ten year period of time. However, I am now working with patriots trying to actually get something accomplished by and through getting enough support within each state to force the states to honor and obey the 9th and 10th amendments to the US constitution thereby cutting off all unconstitutionally collected monies to the federal government which have been and are being extracted from the states and the people of each state to fund all these unconstitutional agencies that are stealing our children, our lands, and our resources. There is and hasn't been any constitutional basis for the federal government to do most of what is and has been doing and obviously the power-mad elected and appointed who are in charge have forgotten they are supposed to be our servants. This evolving constitutionally sound action is going to have far reaching impact on our society and will, if successful, free every American from eternal debt and bondage to the tyrants who've taken over in positions of power and who instead have become dictators, corruptly inventing ways and means to traumatize and unjustly persecute the very people they were entrusted to serve. We will see how dedicated they are to their evil work when they no longer have their pay checks and bonuses to motivate them in their efforts. God bless you and your precious children and may there be a divine intervention that works to restore your family as quickly as possible and no harm come to you or them whist in this nightmare. Pray for those working toward restoring our liberty and putting the federal government back into it's constitutional corral once again.

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    The facebook page is down. I hope those girls are back at home safe and not out of state.

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    The controversy surrounding mandatory vaccines seldom is debated on science or merit. Government training materials written to persuade the public to accept mandatory vaccines rely on persuasion and even intimidation, and not facts or science. Health Impact News has previously reported how the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) and other government health officials have tried to silence the media in publishing anything contrary to their controlled information regarding vaccines, and have produced training documents for health workers to combat those opposed to mandatory vaccinations. Vaccine injury data is seldom, if ever, published, and the statistics on vaccine injuries and deaths are purposely withheld from public information. Dr. Suzanne Humphries, when lecturing on vaccine safety, often references a slide presentation from Dr. Jacobson of the Mayo Clinic. It is a slide presentation developed to train doctors on how to deal with patient objectives to vaccines. Jefferey Jaxen has published something similar obtained from the World Health Organization (WHO), which is the agency responsible for world-wide sales of vaccines and distribution, particularly in poorer countries.
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    Health Impact has presented a great deal of material thoroughly explaining the dangers of statin drugs and the wrong information that has been publicized regarding saturated fats and cholesterol over the years. In a nutshell, the cholesterol-saturated fat lipid theory of heart disease is false, and not supported by science. Statin drugs are harmful, and cholesterol is necessary for brain and hormone health. If you're convinced that modern medical heart health dogma misses the mark, you should know about inexpensive and effective natural solutions, starting with the least known suppressed protocol.
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    Admin - Orissa

    More evidence suggests the CDC has been bought and paid for by Coca-Cola. We recently reported that a high-ranking official at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had resigned after extensive ties to Coca-Cola were exposed. Dr. Barbara Bowman, director of the Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention, was helping Coca-Cola influence the World Health Organization, which had published new guidelines on sugar consumption that were unwelcome to the beverage industry. Now it appears that Coca-Cola has ties to another CDC official, Michael Pratt, senior advisor for Global Health in the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion.
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    Could coconut oil and magnesium chloride help by spasm by people with MS (Multiple sclerosis)? Has someone any kind of experience with it?

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    Greg Hill

    Thank you so much for bringing the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition to my attention. I just visited their web site and signed up for their email updates.

    I have recently become as much concerned about the long term damage that Big Ag is doing to our nation's and the world's soils through chemicalized mono-culture as I am about what they are doing to our immediate food supply. I believe they could legitimately be prosecuted and found guilty of crimes against humanity for what they are doing to our ability to obtain nutritious food anywhere at any price, now and for generations to come; and by subsidizing them our own government is abetting them in the commission of their crimes. If anything, our government should be subsidizing a return to sustainable organic agriculture and reversing all of the damage to our soils that has already been done.

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    Admin - Orissa

    The more we participate in the mass consciousness lifestyle being marketed to Americans, the greater will be the influence of mind control programming in our lives. This means if we want to escape the mind control program of the ruling elite, then we must make conscious choices of when, where, and how we will allow ourselves to be exposed to the tools they are using to control us. Mind controllers are working through the mainstream news media, education system, TV, movies, popular music, amusement parks, sports teams, internet, social media, computer games, pornography, and even some churches that support the agenda of the ruling elite. They are training us to accept a new world order where individual rights and even national sovereignty must give way to a one-world system of total control. The agenda of the ruling elite is to establish a single world government, a single set of world laws, a single world court, a single world currency and economy, a single world education system, and a single world religion. They plan to bring down the world population from the current level of more than 7 billion people to a scant 500 million. In their new world order, all decisions will be made for us. In this system, there will be the ruling elite and a kind of slave class that serves them. To bring this about, they must give us a new worldview. This will require us to change how we think and to believe a large number of lies about every aspect of life. This article will examine some of the tools that mind controllers use to program us and will discuss how we can step out of the mind control trap that they have designed for us.