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    catryna said:

    To hell with the American Cancer Society! That organization has been in existence for over 100 years. If, in that time, they have not been able to achieve anything constructive in conquering cancer, it's because they don't want to. I have never believed in their cause and never will. They are a major player in the problem and should be abolished and those in charge incarcerated and put on death row.

    I wholeheartedly agree

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    The discovery of the x-ray in 1895 gave rise to a group of doctors who claimed to be able to read the x-rays and find the subtle signs of child abuse that everybody else missed. It took decades for their rhetoric to be accepted by the public, but when it was finally embraced, it was not long after that The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 1974 (CAPTA) was passed by a bipartisan Congress, establishing what we now know as Child Protective Services. Most historians trace the modern era of Child Welfare to the landmark paper, "The Battered-Child Syndrome" by Dr. C. Henry Kempe and his colleagues, published in 1962. The history of this paper, and this line of thinking, owes its roots to a man named Dr. John Patrick Caffey who was born in Utah in 1895, the year that Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen accidentally discovered the x-ray, which was originally known as the "roentgen ray." A new, controversial field of "Pediatric Radiologists" was born, the fore-runners of today's "Child Abuse Pediatricians" and Child Protective Social Services.
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    The results of a 30 million dollar, ten-plus year study on the effects of cell phone radiofrequency radiation (RFR) were published this year, 2018, confirming suspicions that cell phone use is carcinogenic. However, the FDA refuses to admit there is any risk in cell phone usage.
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    Admin said:

    I have been ingesting and massaging my skin with Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), for the past 6 months. I warm it up in tea, use it in cooking. I have been suffering and in lots of pain, for many years. The results that I have had with VCO have been astounding. I have had Stage 4 - Endometriosis, low grade sinus infections, internal parasites, super dry skin, cold sores, colds, fevers, ear aches, migraines, dental infections and spider veins, since my early teens. Over the past six months, my low grade sinus infections have 100% cleared. My spider veins are diminishing in size and color. The knottiness, the pain and swellings, are gone. Migraines, are gone. I had Keratosis Pilar, on my arm. I have been massaging VCO on them for two weeks. They popped off the other day. Bled profusely for five minutes, then stopped. Now, there is a tiny red dot, and the under swelling is gone. The biggest (visible) change is the 30 pound weight loss, without exercise or struggle. And even more miraculous, I had ENDOMETRIOSIS, since early teens, with all sorts of pain and distress. Retrograde Endometriosis, five surgeries, hysterectomy and pain meds, and, more surgeries. To find a natural, plant based product, which can eliminate or reduce the Endometriosis from a human body, without drugs or surgery, is a miracle! I have NOT been pelvic pain free, since I was about 10 years old. I am PAIN FREE, right now. I would have never believed you, if you told me that VCO, with 6 months of ingestion would make me pelvic pain free!! I have only good words, to say about VCO and its amazing life changing abilities.

    Hello,I've been battling endometriosis .Do I simply use virgin coconut oil in my diet every day to treat my condition? Thanks

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    Statins inhibit the synthesis of vitamin K2, the matrix Gla-protein and calcitonin activator. Magnesium along with Vitamin K2 keeps calcium regulated from building up in places you don’t want it such as the arteries. Calcium loses all its beneficial qualities and is harmful to the body when its displaced, and become insoluble (hard) without the vitamin K2 and magnesium. Statins may paradoxically lead to calcium buildup and atherosclerosis by inhibiting the very K2 needed to help remove the calcium..

    Statins also inhibit the biosynthesis of selenium containing proteins, one of which is glutathione peroxidase serving to suppress peroxidative stress. An impairment of selenoprotein biosynthesis may be a factor in congestive heart failure, reminiscent of the dilated cardiomyopathies seen with selenium deficiency. Thus, the epidemic of heart failure and atherosclerosis that plagues the modern world may paradoxically be aggravated by the pervasive use of statin drugs. Selenoproteins are needed for thyroid T4 to T3 conversion as well as many other important functions.

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    Shalom said:

    I wish I could truly understand this. My mind gets it but not my heart. I seem to be stuck in my childhood narrative of "shoulds" -and "have to's" otherwise I would've been punished. That mindset has destroyed much in my life. The concept of having a choice to love, and without fear seems so freeing but unattainable. I keep reading everything on the topic hoping it clicks.

    Hi Shaloim,

    Sometimes I feel the same way, but then I have to remind myself that the Word of God says, "Of ourselves WE can do NOTHING." Even Jesus said, "Of my own self, I can do nothing, but it is the Father IN ME who does the works," (I may have missed a word or two there, but that is basically what it says). So I have found soooo many times in my life when I just COULD NOT FEEL my love going back towards Him, many times because of horrific circumstances I found myself in, but as soon as I realized that I was fighting a LOSING battle with MYSELF, I would say this to the Lord, "Lord, I have tried and failed so many times, and I know I should know better, but right now I am at the point where I have no other choice but to say, "IF YOU DON'T DO IT, IT WON'T GET DONE, BECAUSE EVEN YOU SAID THAT WITHOUT YOUR FATHER, EVEN YOU COULD DO NOTHING OF YOURSELF, SO LORD, I KNOW YOU ARE IN ME, SO PLEASE DO THIS THROUGH ME, AND LET ME KNOW THAT YOU RECEIVE MY INTENT AT LEAST TO TRY TO SHOW YOU THAT I DO LOVE YOU, EVEN THOUGH SOMETIMES I CAN'T FEEL IT." Then many times, before I have even finished saying that to the Lord, it's as if HE ALREADY knows the intents of my heart, and He allows me to feel that assurance that He does hear me, and He does know the intent of my heart - to love him, and sometimes with this assurance I feel something wonderful, and sometimes I don't really FEEL anything, but I still get an assurance that He does hear me, and that my prayer is answered. I don't know if that makes any sense to you, but that has been my own experience, and hopefully it can maybe help you in some small way, but in the end ... it is ALWAYS the Lord who has to do the work, because of ourselves, we can do NOTHING. And I KNOW that HE already knows the intent of your heart, but sometimes, for reasons not known to us, we have to wait on Him a while before we receive an answer, (faith for the substance of things hoped for), but He always answers, sometimes yes, sometimes no, and sometimes.... wait a while - it's not quite My, (HIS), time yet. Oh, and remember (you mentioned your childhood), try not to get your Heavenly Father mixed up with your earthly father, who was born into sin just like we were, and certainly does not have the same wisdom as your Heavenly Father - try not to compare the two, or you could set yourself back. God Bless you.

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    This trial needs to go all the way to the Supreme Court !!!

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    Paul Fassa

    Hi Rhonda,

    This is Paul Fassa, the one who wrote this article.

    Thanks for trying to link the source of your correction, but I was blocked from access to that site. Don't know why really - seems like my computer or internet service considered it a dangerous site. So as yet, I can't say thanks for the correction. Do you have a safer source?

    I go by the sources that are available to me. I'm not a biochemist or biologist. If those sources miss the mark, so do I. I usually cross reference sources against other articles or studies. Maybe this time I didn't do enough.Then again, maybe there was a typo.

    Regarding the "omission", none of the sources I had used mentioned anything about FDA approval. The idea of this article was to point out how a starchy carbohydrate food could become helpful as a prebiotic. I don't think FDA approval or disapproval would matter to most HIN readers. It certainly doesn't matter to me.