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    Mike Ross

    Mike-Ross said:

    We can be christian soldiers ( disciples of JESUS CHRIST ) for our kith and kin - friends and family . Our GOD is THE GREAT KING , LORD ALMIGHTY , MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE . Nothing and nobody can stand in His way . ( Just let them try getting the better of Him . ) Have faith and live so that , according to His over arching will and purpose , He will give ear to our supplication , and shall provide support or intervention . Abraham prayed for Lot , and Lot was spared from , the destruction of sodom and gomorrah . ( THE HOLY BIBLE , kjv )

    My original posted “ comment “ , was a call to action , by means of prayer and supplication , to THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY , for intercession and intervention . I do not advocate violence , nor rebellion , or revolution . My comment was modified , and not accurately presented , in connection with this article . Again , I used the term “ prayer soldiers “ , while encouraging christians , to engage in spiritual prayer intervention , to GOD , on behalf of their needful fellows , in the congregation , of the disciples of JESUS CHRIST . Since the proprietors of this website , changed and misrepresented my opinion , I strongly ask , in the name of JESUS CHRIST , that you remove , my mutilated and defamed “ comment “ . Whatever you do , I appeal to GOD , for justice and protection .

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    Désirée L. Röver

    The HPV vaccines clearly are part of a biowar agenda, resulting in lifelong disabilities, serious neurological damage, sterility and death...
    And of course this powerful demonstration in Ireland has not been mentioned anywhere in the mainstream media...

    I am sorry to say that in my 2009 book (in Dutch) on the HPV vaccines i foresaw these consequences.

    The causative factors for the world wide health disasters in the unsuspecting vaccinated mothers-of-the-future are the novel DNA recombinant technology using insect and yeast cells to create the virus like HPV particles, the enormous amounts of aluminum (respectively18.000 and 36.000 times higher than the FDA allowed quantity in injectable products!) and the adjuvants and ingredients like L-histidine and polysorbate 80 (Gardasil) and AS04, 3-)-desacyl-4-monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL)...

    Interesting detail:

    The countries that in 2011 had the HPV vaccines incorporated in their national vaccination programmes ( Caucasian countries... https://www.slideshare.net/bsc-coalition/3-susan-wang-challenges-and-opportuntes-for-hpv-vaccinaton ), were exactly the opposite of the countries that in 2008 had the highest cervical cancer morbidity and mortality!

    ( https://www.northcountrypublicradio.org/news/npr/182567228/price-break-for-cervical-cancer-shots-in-developing-world ).....

    That fact, the breakneck speed with which Merck slammed Gardasil on the market, and the 2006 Nobel Prize for Harald zur Hause for his HPV/cervical cancer research from the 1980s, were all red flags for me!

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    There have been two recent animal studies in Spain indicating that beer is capable of removing aluminum from brain cells, allowing the brain to heal from its toxicity and inflammation. The most recent study used non-alcoholic beer, and the earlier one used beer with alcohol. Both types of beer, mostly due to their antioxidant hops content and silica from silicic acid used in the brewing process, have been observed leaching aluminum from aluminum nitrate induced into lab rats. Aluminum that gets into brain tissue creates all sorts of neurological ills. Silica binds with aluminum to neutralize its toxicity and escort it out of the body through urine. Cucumbers and the herb horsetail are high in silica that doesn't penetrate the blood-brain barrier. Beer contains the silicic acid which does. But there is a serious caveat for using beer to eliminate aluminum from the brain that will be discussed in this article.
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    Another study has been published here in 2018 looking at the positive effects of virgin coconut oil for Alzheimer's disease. This is the third peer-reviewed study we have covered so far in 2018 looking at the effects of coconut oil on Alzheimer's Disease (AD). This latest study is titled "Possible prophylactic anti-excitotoxic and anti-oxidant effects of virgin coconut oil on aluminium chloride-induced Alzheimer's in rat models." It was published July 13, 2018, in the "Journal of Integrative Neuroscience." The study was conducted by researchers from the Faculty of Medicine at King Abdulaziz University in Saudi Arabia. This year's previous studies on AD and coconut oil were also conducted outside of the U.S. (Japan and Iran.) This study is significant, because it addresses the issue of aluminum toxicity, which has been increasingly linked to AD. (See: Study: High Amounts of Aluminum in Brains of Alzheimer’s Patients.) From the study abstract: "Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects an estimated 5.4 million people worldwide. However, there remains no curative treatment for the condition. Aβ and hyperphosphorylated tau accumulation are the main hallmarks of the disease; they interfere with glutamate uptake and mediate glutamate excitotoxicity, oxidative stress, inflammation and neurodegeneration. As virgin coconut oil (VCO) is well-known as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory natural compound, the purpose of the present study was to assess the possible prophylactic effect of VCO on aluminium chloride (AlCl3)- induced AD in rat."
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    For a number of years now, researchers have warned we are headed toward a post-antibiotic world — a world in which infections that used to be easily treatable become death sentences as they can no longer be touched by available drugs. As reported by NPR July 2, 2018: "A woman in Nevada dies from a bacterial infection that was resistant to 26 different antibiotics. A U.K. patient contracts a case of multidrug-resistant gonorrhea never seen before. A typhoid superbug kills hundreds in Pakistan. These stories from recent years — and many others — raise fears about the possibility of a post-antibiotic world." Despite strong warnings, about 80 percent of the antibiotics sold in the U.S. are still given to livestock — not to treat acute infections but as a preventive measure, and as a growth promoter. This routine low-dose administration is a most dangerous practice, as it primes bacteria for resistance.
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    Rosa Dratsch

    Admin said:

    A few days ago, a group of veterans based out of Tucson, Arizona, known as Veterans on Patrol (VOP), stumbled upon what they have good evidence to believe is a child sex camp. The group was searching for homeless veterans, part of their mission in trying to prevent veteran suicides. This is a worthy mission, considering the fact that more soldiers die by suicide than by combat. On May 29th, the group was out with another organization called American Rehab Campuses, trying to pull drug addicts off of the streets, particularly those caught up in the opiod crisis. They stumbled upon something by chance, and it was in a known human trafficking corridor with ties to the Mexican Cartels. When they found a structure powered by solar lights, they knew right away they had found something that certainly was not constructed by homeless people or drug addicts. They found an underground chamber where young children apparently had been imprisoned, presumably as part of a pedophile sex trafficking ring. The group alerted local law enforcement and Homeland Security to investigate, and to bring out "cadaver dogs" to look for bodies, but they would not respond. VOP reports: "After nearly 24 hours of no Investigator showing and the Department of Homeland Security making a PHONE ASSESSMENT declaring that no Human Trafficking was occurring in our area... Alpha Company invited Fox News to come get a first hand look at rape trees, an underground child prison cell, and new construction going in to expand child holding capabilities. This is occurring not on our Border... but in our own City... Tucson, Arizona. The Child Sex Traffickers took a hit when VOP and ARC discovered their secret Camp... but they will just move on and start again elsewhere (unless we find them first, and we are looking.) Alpha Company would like to thank Nailer of Arizona Border Recon and Craig 'Sawman' Sawyer for assisting us last evening when the Child Sex Camp was discovered. Nothing to see here America... just innocence being raped and beaten from small children off the I-19 and Valencia exit in our own backyard. More on this to come." The mission was named Operation Backyard Brawl, #operationbackyardbrawl. As of last night, Sunday June 3, 2018, Lewis Arthur and another American veteran were in a stand-off with local authorities who were trying to stop their investigation, and they fully expected government forces to execute them. But things began turning around for them today, Monday June 4th.

    Our own government is trafficking our American children through Family Courts and CPS. Taxpayers young and old should be concerned and outraged. Your Social Security Retirement Trust Fund is funding it through Title 4-D of the Social Security Act


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    One of the latest nutritional discoveries that only recently began gaining good press and widespread awareness is something called resistant starch, or sometimes known as safe starch. This is a food quality, and it’s not relegated to one food - several different foods fall into this category. Resistant starch has been studied with increasing awareness of its ability to serve as a prebiotic, a fermentation fiber food source for friendly bacteria in the intestinal or gut flora. The results of an enhanced microbiome, in turn, lead to greater immunity to disease and improved overall health. Several different carbohydrate plant foods contain resistant starch. And some are enhanced with resistant starch by cooling after cooking. If it were not for the increased awareness of the microbiome’s friendly bacteria content and function over the past couple of decades, this resistant starch research information would probably still be under the radar of nutritional health awareness.
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    Young children perceive intuitively that the world is designed. In 1929, child psychologist Jean Piaget called children “artificialists” who tend to regard everything as “the product of human creation.” Piaget’s claim that young children’s minds are not sophisticated enough to distinguish between human and nonhuman causes was controversial, and subsequent studies have shown that he was wrong. Yet he was right in saying that children start out with the intuition that the natural world was made for a purpose. In 2004, child psychologist Deborah Kelemen suggested that young children are thus “intuitive theists” who are “disposed to view natural phenomena as resulting from nonhuman design.” By the time they are adolescents, many children have suppressed their intuition of design. This suppression is largely due to influences from the community, especially from parents and teachers striving to acculturate children to a secular society, often in the name of “scientific literacy.” “Intervention” usually refers to an action taken to help someone give up an abnormal addiction. For these psychologists, however, it means convincing children to give up a normal intuition. Thus education becomes indoctrination.