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    A new study has been published questioning the validity of counting food calories as an indicator of health and obesity. 22 researchers from around the world agreed that the theory stating a "calorie is a calorie," no matter what the food source, is not a theory backed by science. An enduring dietary dogma has been the emphasis on calories, even to the extent of calorie counting one’s food intake and comparing the food’s caloric values as provided by tables of calorie measurements according to food types and amounts as an indicator of whether or not a food is healthy. This theory of food nutrition lacks scientific merit, similar to the saturated fat dogma/cholesterol dogma which has been contradicted by real science. It benefits the soft drink industry, which would like everyone to believe that calories from their highly processed drinks are no different than calories from fruits and vegetables.
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    MedicalKidnap.com features the stories of parents who have lost custody of their children due to medical disputes. MedicalKidnap.com presents the parents' side of the story.


    Angie Niles

    I’m currently going thru the same thing I got reported for medical neglect stating I’m not giving my son his ADHD meds he has been on 4 different types none work but CPS is telling me I have to give him some (I thought it was my decision on this) We r doing therapy for him the judge threatened to take him away if I don’t I don’t understand I haven’t done anything wrong Now they are causing my son more problems he is 10yrs and won’t leave my side I can’t go nowhere without him cause he’s afraid there gonna take him away.I don’t use drugs I don’t even whip my kids I’m so at a lost and stressed I’m trying to protect him but they keep wanting to come to the house to talk with the kids ok fine my girls will talk but my son refuses to talk to them he feels threatened by them there making a hard situation already worse.How can they get away with this? How can they force me to put him on meds? I thought only for a life threatening purpose they could..

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    It has been over a decade since I came to the realization that the entire profession of medicine had been bamboozled by the propaganda coming from the Big Pharma drug and vaccine maker, Merck
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    CoconutOil.com - The Internet's #1 resource on the health benefits of coconut oil! Peer-reviewed research on coconut oil, as well as all the latest news regarding the health benefits of coconut oil.



    how much did you invest daily?? do I have to purchase the whole book first to find out? I'd like to see if it makes me sick before I purchase anything.

    Thank you

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    Vaccine Impact covers essential news regarding vaccine safety, and the impact vaccines have on the lives of individuals and families. We also publish articles on how to overcome vaccine injuries.


    Désirée L. Röver

    In 2009 I published my book (in Dutch) ont the HPV vaccines. I am very sorry to say that all the serious adverse events I foresaw then (e.g. sterility and death) have become a reality in the lives of too many young girls, mothers of the future…

    I noticed that in 2009/10 the morbidity and mortality of cervical cancer was the highest in non-white third world countries (https://academic.oup.com/annonc/article/22/12/2675... ), while the white European Western countries were the first to incorporate the HPV vaccines into their national vaccination programs… (https://www.unicef.org/supply/files/Final_HPV_pres...)

    When preparing a power point presentation on the adverse events of the HPV vaccines another important factor came to my attention:

    The Western diet is deficient in many nutrients, while the use of the contraception pill robs the body of several nutrients of specific importance to a healthy cervix (‘The Pill Problem’, Ross Pelton PhD, https://www.naturalpharmacist.net ).

    Oral contraception will deplete the body of folic acid, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12; magnesium, selenium, zinc; tyrosine and coenzyme Q10.

    Especially folic acid deficiency will create lesions in the cervix.

    Rudolph Virchow showed that pathogens prefer sick tissue…

    Therefore, logically speaking, the presence of HPVs in (the lesions of) the cervix points to nutritional deficiencies, and is NOT necessarily proof of cervical cancer…

    With a change in diet and extra food supplements, these lesions in the cervix can heal and thus become unattractive to HPVs…

    And in other words: the HPV vaccines are based on deficient thinking!

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    Karl Brandt is the prototype for the modern day physician, who's goal is to experiment on their patients by prescribing pharmaceuticals that mask one symptom, but have numerous side effects that cause additional symptoms that must be masked with additional pharmaceuticals.

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    There is no profit in healthy people. There has to be a condition ascribed to every patient that requires continuous use of pharmaceuticals.

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    Glyphosate-based herbicide caused adverse health effects in rats at a dose claimed to be safe by regulators, according to a new study. Glyphosate herbicides are used on the vast majority of all GM crops worldwide. The study used the US Environmental Protection Agency’s acceptable daily dietary exposure level of glyphosate – 1.75 mg per kg of bodyweight per day. The same concentration was given to the rats daily over a 3-month period. The study was focused on the newborn, infancy and adolescence phases of life. The results reveal that glyphosate-based herbicide (GBH) was able to alter certain important biological parameters, mainly relating to sexual development, genotoxicity, and the intestinal microbiome. The effects occurred at a dose deemed safe by regulators to ingest on a daily basis over a long-term period. In human-equivalent terms the dosing period corresponded to the period from the embryo stage to 18 years of age.