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    Im going through the same thing in Ohio county! My son will be 2 in May and they took him june 2019 for PAST history drug use! I went to rehab and am doing everything asked and they still will not return him!! I was clean and sober when the circut court judge awarded him to the state!!

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    Krystle Cordingley says her son Corbyn died 14 hours after receiving the flu shot. Krystle claims that the hospital tried to cover up what happened, and doctors said his death following vaccination was a coincidence. Finally, she reports, one honest MD said, yes, it was the vaccine that caused the severe damage to Corbyn's brain stem.
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    Irena said:

    I am scared half to death of what this "technology" will do to my son.
    He is vaccine injured, autistic and deaf. Because he is deaf he has bi-lateral cochlear implants (in both ears).
    Which basically means antennas in his brain!
    So first this country made my son disabled - for pHARMa profit,
    now it is going to make his life unbearable - for telecom profit!
    I am taking up arms to stop the atrocity.

    Dear Irena,thankyou for posting your concerns, I feel for your worry over your sons health. Dear God ,it is terrifying what the powerful can do to us all for profit. We must band together across the world to get this “kill Grid for Humanity “ removed from our Homes, our Business’s , and the very atmosphere. Please go to stop the Crime.net Deborah Tavares is the Brilliant,Brave researcher of this site. Also go on line to find help protecting you family from this evil Technology ,originating in CHINA. Look up William Wheeler of the FCC ,and listen to him gloat about how many Billions are to be made, and to Hell with health concerns. United in Truth, From the USA

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    Jeanice Barcelo

    The real cause of the heart disease epidemic is exposure to technologically produced radiation and frequencies, and especially chronic exposure to non-ionizing radiation such as that coming from cell towers, cell phones, cordless phones, wifi routers, baby monitors, smart TVs, bluetooth devices, smart meters, etc. In Arthur Firstenberg's book, "The Invisible Rainbow," he goes into detail and provides evidence that heart disease did not even exist until the introduction of electricity. It has been epidemic ever since. With absolute certainty, it is radiation exposure that is leading to stroke since it is well known and extremely well documented that radiation exposure causes radiation-induced vasculopathy, or restriction of blood flow to the brain. The first symptom is headaches, which many cell phone users suffer from.

    We are witnessing today many diseases that have been blamed on food, chemicals, etc. However, the elephant in the living room is being completely ignored. We are being irradiated and it is killing us at younger and younger ages. It's time to deal with this issue.

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    As we have reported many times since 2014, America has a major problem with its wheat supply. Virtually all of the wheat grown in the northern climates is contaminated. There is currently no GMO wheat grown in the U.S., even though from time to time a farmer will find wheat growing that does not die when sprayed with glyphosate herbicides. These are no doubt rogue varieties of wheat left over from GMO test plots years ago, but there is currently no commercially grown GMO wheat. And yet, most of the nation's wheat is contaminated with glyphosate. This is because of the practice of "desiccation," where farmers will apply the herbicide RoundUp with glyphosate to kill the wheat so it can be harvested at a convenient time, like before the first snow fall. Glyphosate is now linked to cancer as well as many other diseases. Some scientists believe that the gluten intolerance epidemic we face in the U.S. has less to do with wheat and gluten than it does with the contamination of the wheat supply with glyphosate. A new study just published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, may have identified another problem with America's wheat supply that is desiccated at harvest with glyphosate. The title of the study is PRE-HARVEST GLYPHOSATE APPLICATION DURING WHEAT CULTIVATION: EFFECTS ON WHEAT STARCH PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES. The study looks at the maturity of the wheat when it is desiccated with glyphosate and the digestibility of the starch in wheat. When glyphosate is applied before the wheat is mature, it affects the physicochemical properties of the starch.
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    For really low carbs cut a zucchini into slices (biscuit substitute) and then add Avo and smoked salmon. Here in NZ we have many varieties of avos and also avo cold pressed oil. I wonder do they all contain decent amounts of Avocatin B?

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    Coconut oil is nature's richest source of lauric acid, long known to be a powerful antimicrobial. As a saturated fat, coconut oil is almost 50% lauric acid. Nature's next most abundant source of lauric acid, human breast milk, comes in a distant second. For years now, research (primarily outside of the U.S.) on coconut oil has focused on the use of lauric acid as an adjunct or replacement for antibiotic drugs that have lost their effectiveness due to the emergence of antibiotic-resistant pathogens. 2019 has seen more studies published where coconut oil is studied in this context: how to deal with the emergence of antibiotic resistant pathogens, and the decreasing effectiveness of antibiotic drugs. A Japanese study published in the journal Cell Transplant was especially promising, as it showed that lauric acid could potentially be used as a broad spectrum anti-microbiological agent without disrupting the "good bacteria" in the human gut microbiota.
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    Across the U.S., American families and friends will gather on the fourth Thursday of November to unwittingly flood their brains with dopamine and serotonin in a celebration of gratitude rooted in English traditions that date back to the Protestant Reformation.  However, the neuromodulating effects of being grateful can profoundly change your life for the better when practiced on the daily, rather than once a year over a wishbone and your Auntie May’s favorite stuffing. While tradition is important in the human experience and a day set aside to give thanks and reflect on all our blessings is a noble occasion, practicing gratitude daily will lead to a happier, healthier you and even reshape your brain according to scientists, with the key being that you must really feel it for it to wield this powerful influence over your physiology and psychology. Gratitude can act as a natural antidepressant by increasing the neurotransmitters, dopamine and serotonin, and sending them hurtling down existing neuropathways as well as forming new neural circuitry. This effect is particularly strong when we ask ourselves what we are grateful for and are mindful of it.   Choosing to practice gratitude has been shown in study after study to create new neurocircuitry through which dopamine can influence the reward center of the brain.