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    J. Padayhag

    Admin said:

    The VAXXED team recently interviewed Dr. Stephanie Christner of Tulsa, Oklahoma, who is a primary care physician and psychiatrist who was pro-vaccine until her baby daughter died of vaccine injuries just shy of her 6 month old birth date. When she was pregnant with her daughter, she had two friends who questioned vaccines, and listened to them non-judgmentally. But when she went to the CDC website to research vaccines, and then talked to her pediatrician, her pediatrician basically told her she could not stay in his practice if she did not get her baby daughter vaccinated. She states that in her own medical training virtually nothing is taught about the science behind the manufacturing of vaccines, and that during her residency she was just expected to vaccinate everyone, and that if there were any complications after administering the vaccines, no one would ever associate the problem with the vaccine. Both of her sons, born prior to her daughter, were vaccinated, and experienced developmental delays and allergies. Her baby daughter was not vaccinated in the hospital when she was born, and was perfectly healthy the first couple of months. When she received her two month old vaccinations, things began to change. But she was still in denial at that time, not linking her daughter's health problems to the vaccines. As her baby's health continued to decline, she continued with the vaccine schedule. She died before she reached 6 months old. Up until this time, she still did not suspect any relationship to vaccines. She states: "I feel like every mother in the world, that you can't possibly imagine - I was so naive - I thought that there was really no way that we would ever give something to our most precious, precious, thing in the world, our children... that would be harmful and that wasn't (fully) studied." She sees things differently now, and realizes that many people have their eyes closed. She believes that most pediatricians would change their views on vaccines if they would bother to do the research that she has done.

    Can you tell me about hematoma as a result of 4 month old immunizations?

    How is it healed, it seems to be getting bigger and she is running a temp of 101.5.

    How common is this happening to babies?

    Any information you can provide will certainly be appreciated.

    Thank you for your time.

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    I’m so sorry the system failed you so miserably. May God bless you and enable you to live your life to the fullest. Perhaps you could become a spokesperson for child abuse victims.

    This is all totally uncalled for. Somebody has to do something.

    God help this man who cares enough to endure threats to try to get these People exposed and get these children and mothers reunited. protect him from those who fear exposure. And help him expose them

    Elected officials are supposed to make the lives of people easier and safer, not add burdens that destroy those lives.

    There are people behind this that are benefitting in different ways. Some like the power that they have and abuse that power and use it to control lives and some are profiting from these children by putting them in homes that use foster care as a front child sex rings. Both are sick!

    Please clean up the corruption in our country. Evil tries to reign. Through our faith and strength in God, we cannot allow that to happen.

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    New bills in the House and Senate will roll back FCC regulations that prevent local communities from having input over how 5G networks get installed in their towns. We must encourage our elected officials to support this legislation, and more importantly, urge them to halt the expansion of 5G networks until more safety studies are done. The federal bills roll back FCC rules that put a strict time limit (90 days) on cities to review small-cell site applications and limit the amount of money cities can charge cable companies for using public infrastructure. As you’ll recall, 5G networks require installing “small cells” all over neighborhoods and cities. These small cells include antennas, power supplies, electric meters, switches, bundles of cables, and boxes—all strapped to streetlights and utility poles. Some have refrigerator-sized containers on the ground. These cells are supposed to be placed every 500 feet along residential streets and through commercial districts. The major problem with 5G networks is the radiation emitted by all these small cells. There are already concerns about ubiquitous cell phone usage with current 4G networks; 5G networks exponentially compound these problems.
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    Healthy Traditions raw Canadian honey says that their honey has been tested for glyphosates, but does not indicate whether it was deemed glyphosate free. Do you have any information on this? Thank you! Sincerely Gregory Hunt

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    Jenny M.

    I am so happy that you are still here, Brian! Your story is inspiring to me, as I've been tempted in the past to do as you wanted to do, but with different reasons. I am glad you got it together and God saved you!!

    I had been disillusioned with all religions in general, especially the 'new age' crapola, but have come back to Jesus Christ. I do not go to a denominational church and I agree with most of what you have said, these doctrinal churches are not what Christ wanted (or God), and they divide one another. Some of the worst offenders are what I call "Fake Christians". How else can the devil work his evil "magic", but by using fake Christians? We have some as our neighbors, they cheat, lie and steal, yet they go to a local Baptist church, thinking they are "saved' because they believe in Christ. Well they sure don't know their Bible too well! Like Christ said that not all who call upon Him will get into heaven, but those who do the Will of the Father in heaven. I try to improve myself and not be critical of others. I go to a "non denominational" church which follows the New Testament and no man made doctrines. It's better than most but I don't trust my kids with anyone there no matter what. I don't trust my kids with hardly anyone really. But that's the way things are these days.

    Keep up the great work!

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    The maker of a generic version of a popular heartburn medication is stopping worldwide distribution over concerns the drug could be contaminated with a cancer-causing substance. Novartis AG’s Sandoz unit said Wednesday it would stop distribution of generic versions of the stomach drug Zantac after regulators in the U.S. and Europe began investigating the potential contamination, according to Bloomberg. Some versions of Zantac, also known by the generic name ranitidine, have been recalled in Europe and Canada. Regulators first said last week they were looking into the potential contamination. Concerns arose over both generic heartburn and antacid medications and Zantac itself, made by Sanofi, according to the Los Angeles Times.
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    The Seventh Day Adventist's have been doing it for years! Who knows what is in their foods, but they have hospitals, schools, stores you name it selling their fake meats. I know I used to have to eat them when I was sent to a live in Adventist Academy. I am no longer Adventist but a Bible believing Christian

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    With Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) on the rise, and its clear relationship to unmanaged blood sugar and blood pressure unquestioned, virgin coconut oil is proving a valuable addition to the fight with ameliorate kidney function parameters in suffers of CKD and can even be protective for those at risk for the disease. Lowering your risk for kidney dysfunction rests largely on lifestyle changes, but for change to occur in something so entrenched as an individual’s lifestyle, there is a need for impetus, and despite the fact that over 37 million people in the US alone are estimated to have CKD, many of those are completely unaware of the slippery slope they are currently on or headed towards. It’s interesting that virgin coconut oil, which is often a prominent part of a healthy ketogenic diet, also shows promise in studies as a potential therapy in the treatment and prevention of kidney dysfunction. Perhaps the only thing standing in the way of discovering the full benefits of virgin coconut oil in the treatment of chronic kidney disease and fully embracing it, is our society's ingrained acceptance of long held and poorly supported nutritional doctrine. Luckily in the cases of kidney function and diabetes, science is confirming that there is hope to be found in change… and that a couple of tablespoons of virgin coconut oil consumed daily may be just the place to start.