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    On a cold winter morning in November 2007, I watched hundreds of parents line up with their children in front of a Maryland county courthouse. The children had been kicked out of school by state officials and were truant. The mothers and fathers were holding letters threatening them with imprisonment or fines of $50 a day for failing to show proof their children had gotten a chickenpox or hepatitis B shot. Confused, angry and frightened, but mostly resigned, they were working Moms and Dads trudging toward the courthouse on a Saturday morning to face a judge ordering them to vaccinate their children or go to jail. Patrolling the scene was an armed SWAT team of policemen with dogs. We were being shown the power of the State wielded by guards armed with dogs and guns. When a government policy is unjust and people resist, the last resort is always a show of force. Use of fear, intimidation, discrimination and punishment of dissenting minorities is the hallmark of authoritarian governments and so is censorship and propaganda. You and you alone will make the choice to live free or die as a slave. Do not let anyone take away your freedom to think and speak and obey the certain judgment of your conscience. It’s your health. Your family. Your choice. And our mission continues: No forced vaccination. Not in America.
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    I am completely outraged! This HAS to be stopped!! NOW!! Thank GOD for the parents who did their own research and are trying to get this problem corrected. (((THEY))) do NOT care about our children or us! They want us all sick, dying and dead! Wake up people! We have to pray and fight!!! These poor babies! GOD help us!!

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    Linda Paulhus

    I contribute information on several forums for ALS patients. Science Daily reported as far back as 2006 that statins may be a probable cause of ALS. Most people do not know that the blood panel for the liver is around 65% inaccurate requiring a Sonogram, Elastography, or Axplorer test in order to diagnose. There are hundreds of patients reporting they had no neurological deficits until statins were prescribed. Both on current forums and in the past by Dr. Graveline who was the moderator for a forum for ALS patients. Is there a law firm that would help us compile this information? By the way, studies with a new omega [7] were successful in lowering cholesterol levels within normal range. Spread the word!

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    Lora Hubbel

    I am very familiar with this story...it is a horrible story from my state, SD, and I too, was a legislator there. Yes this happens....yes this is a damnable practice...but please...it IS NOT RACISM....the SAME THING is happening to whites, blacks and browns. I think it is something even worse than racism. I think it is demonic. I think these precious and dearly loved children are used for money and some are sex trafficked...

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    A new study out of Japan and published in the European Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology shows how switching the dietary oil of chow fed to mice from soybean oil to coconut oil reduced skin inflammation. The skin healing properties of coconut oil, especially virgin coconut oil, applied topically to the skin have been known for a long time. Even though coconut oil is sold as a dietary oil, people applying it topically are seeing tremendous results for their skin conditions such as acne, eczema, keratosis polaris, psoriasis, rosacea, and fungal infections. We have suspected for years that the reason people in tropical climates who eat their traditional diets which are high in the saturated fats of coconut oil had such beautiful skin, even though they are exposed to the sun to a greater degree than westerners, is because of the high amounts of coconut oil in their diet, which does not oxidize and cause free radical damage as polyunsaturated fats do. Skin cancer, for example, is almost unheard of in tropical climates like the Philippines, but common in western nations, even in colder climates with far less exposure to the sun. Researchers in Japan apparently wanted to test this theory of dietary coconut oil reducing allergic skin inflammation in the laboratory: "Coconut oil is used as a dietary oil worldwide, and its healthy effects are recognized by the fact that coconut oil is easy to digest, helps in weight management, increases healthy cholesterol and provides instant energy. Although topical application of coconut oil is known to reduce skin infection and inflammation, whether dietary coconut oil has any role in decreasing skin inflammation is unknown. In this study, we showed the impact of dietary coconut oil in allergic skin inflammation by using a mouse model of contact hypersensitivity (CHS)."
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    Wow, this is amazing information; I am new to reading the bible and I have found some very important facts... such as Pharmakeai… also the fact that cannabis is in the bible as a healing plant; but most English speakers won't catch it because we don't speak "Hebrew"... it's called "Kaneh Bosm" which translates to "aromatic kannabus…

    article attached with where it is found in bible:


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    While zero calorie sodas are promoted to help keep your weight down and be a healthier alternative to sugary soft drinks, you might be surprised to know there have been several studies indicating the weight loss health advantages of diet soda are false. Also, the adverse health effects are usually not publicized. The soda industry puts a lot of money into mainstream media (MSM) advertising. It’s enough to keep MSM from criticizing that industry. However, there have been several studies indicating many disease probabilities from artificially sweetened beverages. Two of the most recent studies link diet sodas to an increase risk of strokes and heart disease, particularly among older women.