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    According to professor Peter C. Gøtzsche, a Danish physician-researcher and outspoken critic of the drug industry (author of the book, "Deadly Medicines and Organized Crime: How Big Pharma Has Corrupted Healthcare,") there is no known mental health issue that is caused by an imbalance of brain chemicals. In the U.S., an estimated 17.3 million American adults (7.1% of the adult population), experienced at least one major depressive episode in 2017. The highest rates are reported among those aged between 18 and 25. However, not only is there evidence that depression is vastly overdiagnosed, but there's also evidence showing it's routinely mistreated.
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    According to a new scientific publication, genetically engineered mosquitoes produced by the biotech company Oxitec (Intrexon) have escaped human control after trials in Brazil. They are now spreading in the environment. The yellow fever mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti) are genetically engineered to make it impossible for their offspring to survive. After release they were supposed to mate with female mosquitoes of the species which transmit infectious diseases, such as Dengue fever, to diminish the natural populations. However, the now published research shows that many offspring of the genetically engineered mosquitoes actually survived and are spreading and propagating further. According to the scientists, between 10-60 percent of the mosquitoes in the region concerned are inheriting parts of the genome of the mosquitoes released in the trials. These insects used in the laboratory have now mixed with the Brazilian insects to become a robust population which can persist in the environment over a longer period of time. They might replace the original insects on the long term and even exacerbate the problems associated with the mosquitoes. Christoph Then for Testbiotech commented, “The Oxitec trials have led to a situation that is largely out of control."
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    Thank you for the information, it is brutal out there defending our freedoms and having objective responses helps. I feel like there would be more traction if there wasn't 10000 different anti-vax groups if it was a unified front. Someone needs to bring together a coalition of all these groups and individuals that support the freedom to choose, at least by region. Or does this exist already? Politically they are trying to force feed this removing religious exemption in C, I am deeply concerned. How can I stay in the loop, and fight back?

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    Debra M. Prisk

    Plus keep your Vitamin D3 up, too low and you will get cancer. Also vitamin B-17....

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    Deborah Dossett

    My name is Deborah Dossett. I had a case for adoption of my granddaughters HARLIE and Annie Moses. I was lied on by the ad litem attorney John Millard stating i was doing harm to my granddaughters. I had a visit with them and I had gotten a text that I wasn’t aware of due to being at work. I took them food the morning of the visit and my youngest granddaughter wasn’t suppose to have that type of food. The foster and the case worker accused me of trying to harm my granddaughter. Then when we went to court John Millard made me into the biggest monster. He was coaching the foster to prefer herself and say the girls were sick when they got to them because of my smoking and the girls didn’t come from me. They came from another foster and was removed cause the man was touching my oldest granddaughter. Just lies lies and Glenn Devlon wouldn’t let me speak to defend myself. I WANT THIS ILLEGAL LIE ADOPTION OVE

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    The Seventh Day Adventist's have been doing it for years! Who knows what is in their foods, but they have hospitals, schools, stores you name it selling their fake meats. I know I used to have to eat them when I was sent to a live in Adventist Academy. I am no longer Adventist but a Bible believing Christian

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    Ed Hill

    Admin said:

    Anniversaries are dates etched into history. Most of them are celebrated, because the reason we remember them is that they bring back pleasant memories. These are dates such as birth dates, dates of marriage, etc. Some anniversaries are dates in history that are painful, and not worth celebrating. Yet every day is significant for one reason or another, and even in the midst of tragedy or pain, good can come of it. Today, October 28th, is a date in my past that I have never celebrated, and have seldom even mentioned to others. Yet it is a date in my past that is now known by well over a million people, because I memorialized it (without mentioning the specific date) in my personal testimony, How I Found Peace with God. It is the most important truth I have to communicate to the world, and I have linked to it from all my websites the past 17 plus years, and today it is read hundreds of times every day. It is the day in 1977 where I tried to end my life, by first overdosing on drugs, and then after being unsuccessful in doing that, by driving my car into a light pole along the side of a road at 85 mph. 40 years ago on this date I though I had control over my life, and that it was mine to end. It was not. I learned through experience that day, that God controlled my life, not me. He handed it back to me, and told me I was not done yet. In fact, I was just beginning, and he made it very clear that he had a plan and purpose for my life.


    What an amazing testimony! I have been following a health story involving a man who I don't know his relationship with Jesus Christ. But he has acted, and continues to act suspiciously like a follower of the Lord Jesus. His name is David Noakes. He was imprisoned recently for several months in Great Britain. His crime: providing a cure to hundreds if not thousands of people, some free of charge, for their "incurable" cancer. He also provided his product to Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, who used it to develop a cure for autism. Dr. Bradstreet's clinic was subsequently raided by the FDA, and his records seized. He was found dead in the French Broad River a few days later, with 2 gunshot wounds. If you don't already know about GcMAF, you need to learn about it.

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    With Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) on the rise, and its clear relationship to unmanaged blood sugar and blood pressure unquestioned, virgin coconut oil is proving a valuable addition to the fight with ameliorate kidney function parameters in suffers of CKD and can even be protective for those at risk for the disease. Lowering your risk for kidney dysfunction rests largely on lifestyle changes, but for change to occur in something so entrenched as an individual’s lifestyle, there is a need for impetus, and despite the fact that over 37 million people in the US alone are estimated to have CKD, many of those are completely unaware of the slippery slope they are currently on or headed towards. It’s interesting that virgin coconut oil, which is often a prominent part of a healthy ketogenic diet, also shows promise in studies as a potential therapy in the treatment and prevention of kidney dysfunction. Perhaps the only thing standing in the way of discovering the full benefits of virgin coconut oil in the treatment of chronic kidney disease and fully embracing it, is our society's ingrained acceptance of long held and poorly supported nutritional doctrine. Luckily in the cases of kidney function and diabetes, science is confirming that there is hope to be found in change… and that a couple of tablespoons of virgin coconut oil consumed daily may be just the place to start.