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    I recall it was 5 test cases to decide in vaccine court. One of those cases was Hannah Poling whom Dr Zimmerman found a causative link between vaccines and “autism”. That really deserved a mention in the article. The case against the DOJ for suppressing Dr Zimmerman ‘s findings is still ongoing

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    With documents revealing an astounding 622,723 U.S. children aged 0-5 prescribed powerful mind-altering drugs, a mental health watchdog launches campaign to Fight For Kids right to grow up label and drug free. The innovative website resource for parents faced with children labeled with a “mental” or “learning disorder,” provides them with facts about adverse effects of treatments being recommended to minors. Recognizing that parents and other caregivers often have to sift through considerable misinformation about mental health treatment to get facts about potential risks, the “Fight for Kids” (FFK) website, produced by the mental health watchdog Citizens Commission on Human Rights International (CCHR), has streamlined this, providing a definitive resource that cuts to the chase when it comes to drug and other treatment damaging effects. CCHR International says the drugs are being prescribed like candy, despite many of them scheduled by the Drug Enforcement Administration as high risk for abuse and addiction. The group says the FFK website is necessary because few parents know that psychiatric drugs are not like general medicine prescribed to treat physical diseases. There are no physical tests to confirm a psychiatric diagnosis which is based largely upon non-medical opinions about behavior.
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    Just when I thought I was aware of most evils in the world, I watched, “Medical Kidnapping”, on NewsmaxTV. Thoroughly heartbroken at that story, I only thought I was until I came to the website and read this story. I’m just beyond angry! No words can describe how I feel really! The perversion is so evil that my stomach is filled with knots and I think I could throw up! Tears for these sweet babies being traumatized in ways from which they’ll never recover mentally from. Some physically as well. There’s not enough justice on this planet for those people involved in these atrocities! The only small comfort that I have is that God WILL have His vengeance against each and every one of the evil people engaged in these evil acts!! I will be informing everyone I can about this reality! I will be purchasing the T-shirt and books so I can speak clearly on all subjects. And talk, I will! God is using wonderful people to pierce the darkness with His Light and we must act and stand strong against the enemy! God help us all!!💜🙏🏻

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    We’ve said before that the FDA is stacking the deck against bioidentical hormones; now it seems incontrovertible. Time is running out for the natural health community to mount an effective defense of estriol and other compounded, bioidentical hormones from an FDA ban. Please take action by signing our petition to the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) study committee, urging them to consider ALL of the evidence in determining the clinical utility of compounded bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (cBHRT). To briefly recap where we are: estriol and other bioidentical hormones have been nominated to the FDA’s Demonstrably Difficult to Compound List; items that appear on the list when it is final will no longer be able to be made at compounding pharmacies. The FDA convened a NASEM committee to study the clinical utility of treating patients with cBHRT; the findings of this committee will be used by the FDA to make a final decision on the fate of estriol and other compounded hormones. NASEM has conducted several public meetings to date on cBHRT. During these meetings, the FDA invites experts to present to the NASEM panel, and to us it seems that the FDA is stacking the deck against compounded BHRT. What’s also clear is that the NASEM committee members lack a fundamental understanding of how cBHRT is used to treat menopause, meaning that committee members are susceptible to the FDA’s bias.
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    Admin said:

    Have you ever wondered why there is such a vicious and never-ending war being waged against non-toxic food, supplements, and alternative forms of healthcare? Have you ever wondered why an equally intense war is directed against those who profess faith in Jesus Christ? Have you ever wondered why believers who attempt to live their lives according to the words of Jesus and His apostles as recorded in the Bible are constantly ridiculed and called intolerant bigots, hate mongers, stupid, gullible, paranoid, arrogant, and extremists – the scourge of society? Have you ever wondered why those same kinds of derogatory words are applied to people who object to mandatory vaccination and those who insist on knowing what is in the food we eat? Have you ever wondered why those who promote worldwide mandatory vaccination, unlimited use of GMO agriculture, and claim that the US medical care system is the best in the world are always given center stage in any media conversation, while their opponents are made to look like fools? This article will answer these questions and many more!

    I quote: "The most dominant characteristic of their antichrist worldview is that it causes people to unconsciously slip into a kind of passive slumber in which they can no longer wake up enough to discern truth from lies. They just go along with the flow wherever it takes them."

    The common "passivity" mindset I've encountered has been when I've tried to explain to people that this is happening and warn about the pesticides, the GMOs, and try to help them to understand more about organic food and supplements which have made a huge difference in my own life and saved me from the allopathic industry. The typical response that I hear is:

    "I'm helpless to change anything." While there is truth to that, my gut reaction and response has been, remember WW2 Germany and the infamous words that Martin Niemoller wrote?

    "First they came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up, because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me & by that time there was no one left to speak up for me."

    If we hold to that mindset, we will pay a HUGE price. To succumb to the idea that we're helpless makes us guilty of participation by allowing the evil to continue while we remain silent. Is that what we are going to say when we face Jesus who gave His life, dying the most horrific death on the Cross? I'm sure Martin N thought that as well. I'm sure he said, what good would it do to fight back? And, how do I fight back?

    All are legitimate questions that we all must ask and answer. I thought Anna's observation was tremendous and true. I've seen it myself. Good friends that are genuine born-again doctors have bought into the lies of allopathic medicine and despise anything that is alternative. It isn't easy to reach them. Apart from ongoing attempts to enlighten, we can pray that God will open their eyes, and maybe, just maybe something that we've warned them about will ring true at some point and they'll wake up.

    This is a sobering article but I believe every word because I have been researching this for some time, have seen the attacks, and in my own personal way, have experienced amazing benefits through alternative medicine, organic food and supplements.

    May the Lord richly bless you for printing the truth.

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    Lauric acid, found predominately in coconut oil, may be a powerful tool in the prevention of infection and promote wound regeneration in severe burn patients, according to a recent study. Along with research that has previously shown the effectiveness of the use of lauric acid in combatting barrier-disrupting issues, the future for the use of saturated fatty acid in inhibiting infectious Gram-positive microbial bacteria and in skin barrier restoration is promising. A mere thirty years ago patients who had sustained burns over 50% of their body were given little to no hope of survival, a history which stands in stark contrast to the current status where people who have sustained burns covering even ninety percent of their bodies are now capable of recovery, albeit often with serious disabilities.  The increase in survival rates is directly related to the advances made in specialized burn care by the medical community, with better fluid resuscitation, nutritional support, pulmonary care, wound care and infection control playing critical roles. Still, in patients whose burns cover over 40% of the entire body, approximately seventy-five percent of deaths are largely attributable to sepsis from infected wounds or complications derived from infection.  Because the damaged tissue, which in its healthy state would act as a protective barrier, is seriously compromised in burn victims, topical antibiotics are necessary in keeping the moist wounds from becoming hotbeds of infection. The increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria strains is creating a necessity for researchers to identify substances that are both antibacterial and regenerative. Lauric acid, with its anti-viral and anti-microbial properties, is one such substance that researchers are hopeful may fit the above criteria perfectly.
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    Alio McDavis

    I shared a pitcher of beer around 1980 with a girl who had just finished a post-graduate biological research paper at the University of Texas at Austin detailing the effects on the development of frog eggs in water contaminated with only a few PPM of glyphosate.

    She said she felt so sorry for the baby tadpoles. Almost all of them were mutated.

    MUTAGEN mamas and poppas!


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    The Seventh Day Adventist's have been doing it for years! Who knows what is in their foods, but they have hospitals, schools, stores you name it selling their fake meats. I know I used to have to eat them when I was sent to a live in Adventist Academy. I am no longer Adventist but a Bible believing Christian